Monday, October 3, 2011

Sleepovers, Softball, & Screaming

My niece Savannah loves to stay the night with us. My brother has joint custody of her so he has her 2 days a week and every other weekend, so usually on Tuesdays she is begging to stay the night with us - it is probably more Noah these days, but that's ok. Nathan had softball games that night so Noah, Savannah, and I just had a great time playing. Savannah wasn't too much on my spaghetti - "it is dry and tasteless" is her exact quote - I can't wait to see her during her teenage years! (For the record - Nathan and I both liked the spaghetti, she is just picky!) I made the comment to Nathan later that night that I needed to go to bed early because I always have to get up earlier to get Savannah to school on time. He said he could take her, but he would be in his dump truck. I told him I didn't think she would mind - I was just saying that to give her a hard time. Well, she actually believed that he was going to take her and she was freaking out! Once we figured out she was believing us, we took full advantage. It was so funny! So, when she went to bed that night we had her convinced she was going to have to get up extra early and start Nathan's dump truck for him and he wasn't going to wear a shirt and take her to school and honk the big horn the whole way! Needless to say, she got up on her own at 6:45 and was knocking on the bathroom door while I was getting ready asking me if he was really taking her to school. We finally told her it was a joke - maybe next time she will eat my spaghetti with a smile on her face!

Noah waving bye bye to Daddy as he leaves for his softball games - so sweet!

Noah and Savannah playing basketball!

Savannah filling Noah's gas tank up for him!

Savannah styled Noah's hair for him :)

Savannah when I mentioned Nathan driving her to school - HA!

"No Jessie, you can't be serious!" :)

Nathan played in another softball tournament this weekend - I swear that is all the boy does! He loves it and it is good exercise for him, so I am glad he gets to play. I decided to go to this tournament with him. It was a nice day for it - cold in the shade, hot in the sun. The Razorbacks were also playing and ended up coming back for a big win! We watched part of the game over lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and listened to the rest on the radio. Nathan's team won the first two games, then lost the second two, so we were able to get home by 8:00 and get Noah home and in bed on time - which I love. He sleeps so much better and does so much better the next day when he sleeps in his own bed.

Then it was time for Church again. After the throw-up fiasco last Sunday, I was really dreading this weekend - but I tried to not let it show so Noah wouldn't pick up on any anxiety. The church divided his class into two classes, so he was in a different room with  just kids his own age. As soon as we walked in the room, he lost it. I hadn't even put his bag down or anything, or even hinted I was leaving. He is smart, he knew what was going on. We got there 30 minutes early so we could stay awhile and maybe make him more comfortable. I sat in the floor with him and after about 20 minutes he did slide out of my lap and move away a little, but was always checking on me. At one point I had moved away to leave and he saw me and the lady in the nursery that was helping me with him said "ok mom, it is time" so I decided to go. He was screaming again. Nathan wanted me to go get him and us just leave, but I knew we had to leave him or this was never going to get better. We watched him on the monitor awhile and decided to just go into service. We expected to see Noah's number flash up the whole time, and to my surprise it never did. After about halfway through I relaxed enough to not constantly stare at the nursery screen and really enjoyed the lesson this week. I went back to get Noah and the same lady had him (I really wish I would have got her name, I just didn't in all that was going on, but she called herself Nanny and she was very good and patient with him). He screamed when he saw me, not like a good scream, like a horror movie scream. I picked him up and he started saying "bye bye" and  blowing kisses to the teachers! It was hilarious! They said he did better, he just had to be held alot. Maybe we are getting somewhere slowly but surely. I hope so, because Nathan and I are really enjoying the church!

My sweet boy ready for Church!

Sunday afternoon we went to Hog Wild for the first time to meet up with some family friends. I was so busy chasing Noah around everywhere I didn't take any pictures, but he had a great time! I love those days where you get to spend time with special people - it makes me realize how lucky I am.

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