Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Until Indian Summer...

The weather man said that these last few days were the last good summer like days we will have for awhile. So, we decided to spend as much of it as possible outside! Noah loves it outside and I like it too, and have learned to like it more since Noah was born. So, until that Indian Summer rolls in, adios outdoors!

On another note, for anyone keeping up with how Noah is doing adjusting to the Church nursery, this Sunday was SO much better! He did cry when we went in, but I sat in the floor with him and within 5 minutes he was up and playing by himself and with the other kids! I did not hold him again until it was almost time to go. Then we wait on Nathan to come and get us because he will run to him screaming "DADA DADA" - it is so cute! I get that all week when I pick Noah up at daycare so I like to share it with Nathan when I can. I think we are making progress finally! I must admit, I went in this Sunday with a pessimistic attitude thinking Noah was never going to be able to do it. I had already decided that we would just have to take him somewhere while we go to Church on Sundays - but it sounds like our prayers are slowly but surely being answered. He is just at the age where he doesn't like being separated from those he is familiar with. Some people do not understand or remember this age and think Noah is just a "brat", "spoiled", or a "titty baby" but he will grow out of it, probably sooner than I want him too, and I will be sad.  I love that needed feeling he gives me. I really hope and pray he keeps up the progress!

My big boy playing in the Church nursery!

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