Monday, October 10, 2011


Noah has discovered to cheese it up when I take his picture. All of his pictures these days are of him running off or cheesing it up! Following are some examples of the new Noah picture you will probably be seeing for awhile :

Here he is taking a picture of himself saying cheese - he is the only 16 month I know that takes pictures of himself!

We went to a birthday party Saturday for a girl Noah's goes to daycare with. I love doing this. I prayed for days like that forever. All I wanted was to be able to go to a kids birthday party not as just a friend of the parent, or relative of the kid, but as a MOM of a child that was invited. Since we had to wait for years for Noah, I had plenty of time to dream of Momma things, and this was high on the list for sure! I got to stand with the other moms and talk mom stuff. It was awesome. I didn't get any pictures during the party, Nathan was throwing a softball tournament so I was there alone and it was during Noah's naptime so I had to chase him around and try to prevent him from having a meltdown (we were successful), so there were no pictures on my camera.

That afternoon Noah and I had some lazy time together. It was awesome. We sat on the couch under a blanket together and watched my DVR shows. He will just sit and watch whatever with me. We had some goldfish and milk and made some memories. It was a good day. Not to mention the Razorbacks had a big win that night too! It was an amazing day for the Stillwells!

We love Goldfish!

If Daddy lays like this to watch tv, so does Noah!

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