Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We always have a busy Memorial Day weekend, but this year it was jam packed! We spent Friday preparing for and Saturday celebrating Noah's 2nd birthday. Then Sunday of Memorial weekend we always have our family reunion on my mom's side. Due to church and me working the church nursery, we didn't get out there until about 1:30, so most everyone was gone, but it was nice to visit with who was left there. This was also me and Nathan's 6th wedding anniversary! So, my mom came over after the reunion and stayed at our house with Noah so Nathan and I could go out. It was so nice to have him watched at our house - he loves being at home with his toys and she said he knew where everything was and was so easy to take care of there. Much easier than at her house where he wants to get into everything and doesn't have all his toys. Nathan and I went out to eat at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse and went to the movies and saw What to Expect When You Are Expecting. Our food was awesome and the movie was hilarious! Then we got to come home to our sweet boy asleep in his bed - it was the perfect end to the day!

Noah at the family reunion

On Monday, actual Memorial Day, we met family out at Lake Ludwig. We played in the sand, swam, ate pizza and cookies, and visited. Noah had never actually gotten in the lake before and he wasn't too sure about it. There were alot of people there and the waves would come in when the boats went by and some of them would knock him over and scare him. He will get used to it though. He just loved being outside. After 3 hours he kept saying "bye bye" - he had skipped nap and he was ready to go. So, we headed home and Noah took a long nap and I went grocery shopping. Once he got up we grilled hot dogs, had snocones, and went for a jeep ride. It was the perfect end to our long weekend. So thankful for those who fight for our freedom so we can enjoy times like this!

Playing in the sand

Checking out the lake for the first time

Jeep riding with Blue (in his seat too of course) :)

Choo Choo Noah is Two!

We celebrated Noah turning two in style this weekend with a party in the park. We had a bounce house and a train that the kids loved. We did a Mickey Mouse train theme and it turned out really cute! I love the challenge of making the party look expensive without actually having to spend alot - and this party was proof of that! I think it all turned out great and Noah was shown alot of love! Parties are so fun to plan to me and I love that I get to do that now. Here are a few picture highlights:

Train rides!

"Hey guys, wait up!"

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah Atlee!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Noah Atlee is TWO!

On Monday Noah turned two! It is hard to believe that I have a two year old already. Time flies when you are having fun! Since it was a Monday - meaning work and Nathan and I had dentist appointments that day - it made it a little hard to celebrate on the actual day, but I wanted to make it as special as I could. So, I took Noah to daycare and sent some devils food cake donut holes and A Goofy Movie - one of his favorites so they could have a little party for him there. Then, once Nathan and I got back from the dentist we picked him up and took him to my mom's so he could open his presents from her. She got him the cutest little Mickey wagon and a Mickey tricycle! (He wasn't so sure about them at first but ended up playing with them until late that night!) From there I went to my niece Eliza's pre-k graduation and Nathan took Noah home to play with his toys. I knew better than to try to get Noah to sit through graduation :) Nathan and Noah came and met us at graduation when it was over and we all went to Chic-fil-a to celebrate Noah's birthday and Eliza's graduation. It was Noah's first time there and he LOVED it! I figured he would, but with a toddler, you just never know! The play area was the perfect size for him and he was content to play without my assistance - plus it was inside and had food available - every pregnant Mommas dream! We got home about an hour after bedtime so Noah was more than ready to call it a night! I can't wait to have his Choo Choo Noah is 2 birthday party this weekend and really celebrate in style!

Good Morning Birthday Boy! His first picture as a 2 year old! :)

Noah and Momma on his 2nd Birthday!

Noah's gifts from Memaw Iva!

Me and Eliza at her graduation!

Playing at Chic-fil-a!

Eliza playing with Noah at Chic-fil-a :) She is very protective of him!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here a park, there a park...

Noah began running fever (102) last Wednesday night. Then, he woke up Thursday and kept grabbing his throat and crying and was still running a fever. I looked in his throat with a flash light and sure enough, there were little sores! So, I had to cancel my baby appointment and take him to the doctor instead. Our doctor wasn't in, but he got to see another pediatrician that I love. He was who first saw Noah at the hospital too! He said Noah was the 3rd case of the same virus that morning and he would be back to normal soon. He would just have a fever and some ulcers on his throat.

Well, my little overachiever was fine by Thursday afternoon! His fever never rose again after 10:00 a.m. Thursday and the spots in his mouth were gone by that evening! Thank you God! But, since he had a fever on Thursday I didn't want to take him back to daycare until he was fever free for sure - I hate the thought of him spreading it to the other kids. So, I had a mini-vacation with Noah. I personally needed it, not sure I really needed to take off work, but apparently God had other plans, and that day he wanted me to spend with Noah. Who was I to say no? :)

Does this look sick to you? HA!

Friday we went to go to a park we had never been to but the road to it was under construction so we couldn't go. So, we went back to an old faithful park that he likes. There were 4 school buses of kids in park of this park and he wanted to go play with them so bad! They were 4th graders though and I didn't want him to get in there way, so I had to do some major diversions! Luckily, the park is very shaded and it wasn't overly hot so we did lots of exploring - Noah's favorite thing to do! He has gotten to where he totally ignores the playground equipment, he just wants to walk/run around and pick up rocks and sticks. Fine by me - I could use a little exercise myself :) There was also a baseball field there so we practiced running bases - it was so cute! We finished off that day with a happy meal and some movies at home in the air conditioning - perfect day with my little guy!

Look Momma - more sticks!

My little explorer gathering more sticks :)

Running the bases like a big boy! It won't be long and this will be in a real game!

Sweaty, dirty, and ready to nap!

Saturday Nathan was playing in a softball tournament so Noah and I decided to try the other park again that we had never been to. It was in the middle of a campground and the playground was pirate ship themed - I thought he would love it. Well, it got a "oooohhhh" out of him - then he was off to explore and gather. So, we walked all around again and gathered up sticks and rocks and pine needles - you name it! I got him to get in the ship once, but then he was ready to go.

Pirate Noah :)

Sunday we went to church and then went to Fayetteville for my nieces 3rd birthday party and it was where else?? At the park of course! So, we walked all around this park and it was such a nice place! I really wish we had a park like this around here. It had several different jungle gyms, equipment, pavilions, gazebos, picnic areas, tennis courts, volleyball area, a castle, bridges - it was just awesome! It was past Noah's nap time so he wasn't being the best kid, but not too bad considering the lack of nap. He was exhausted when we left!

Dada and Noah headed to play!

Noah trying to figure out if he is about to be eaten or not :)

My sweet outdoor boy!

This was our cue it was time to go! HA!

I am so glad to get the chance to spend some one on one time with Noah before the new baby gets here and get to enjoy him. I know it will be less once the baby gets here, but he is also going to get a best friend in his new sibling also :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

22 Weeks!

Time is still flying by! I am feeling more pregnant by the day - some days by the hour. Here are the highlights:

* I have gained 6 pounds! Slow and steady is good because I know I will be packing it on in the end!

* I am officially wearing some maternity clothes. I have a few pair of maternity shorts I have been wearing. That is new to me because all I had were maternity jeans with Noah. I love wearing gauchos and I have no idea if they are in style or not, but they work so well with the expanding waist line and are so comfortable. They still sell them in stores so it can't be that bad - right? I am still squeezing into some non-maternity jeans and shorts with a belly band or unbuttoned with a belt.

* My current cravings are chocolate milk, cheeseburgers, salads, grapes, and chips and cheese dip. I am still not liking steak very much - especially if I smell it being cooked.

* I can now see the baby moving in my stomach now - that is so cool to see! He/she likes to move most right after I eat and about 10:00 at night.

* I was supposed to go to the doctor this week, but Noah got sick so I had to trade my appointment for his. So, next week I will get a check-up and get to hear the baby's heartbeat.

I am growing right along!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend 2012

On Thursday night, Nathan informed me we would have house guests staying the night Friday night. Our house is not filthy or anything, but when you have people over you always want it to be extra clean, plus our extra bedroom was half guest room, half new baby room so it needed some cleaning up for guests so Friday I cleaned all day. I always tell Nathan that it is good to have guests over every now and then because the house gets a good over the top cleaning! HA! Our friends Cory, Ally, and their 7 month old son Boston stayed Friday night with us. Noah and Boston played some Saturday morning, but Noah is just figuring the sharing thing out. He wasn't too sure about that baby taking all his stuff, but he did pretty good.

That afternoon Nathan's mom watched Noah so I could go watch Nathan play in a softball tournament. It was so nice to sit outside and relax and watch him play and talk with the girls. It was just what I needed after my marathon cleaning and a good way to celebrate Mother's Day also.

Sunday we went to church and then had my family over to our house for Mother's Day. Our house is rather small and was built by a bachelor, so it has no formal dining area and isn't spaced out best for hosting, but I think it worked good. After all, it was already all clean, might as well put it to good use! :) We had 17 people total there and all the moms there were feeling the love, and everyone left full so I say it was a success! Noah did suffer his first red wasp sting during the party though! I felt so bad for him because I have never been stung by anything so I didn't know how he was feeling and didn't know how to make it better. Uncle Eli put some tobacco on it and he instantly stopped crying! It barely whelped up and he never showed any allergic reaction to it, so hopefully this means he isn't allergic to stings. He is one tough little guy!

Noah and Baby Stillwell got me an hour and a half massage for Mother's day and Noah painted me some art, got me a bookmark, planted me some flowers, and got me a card at daycare. It was a good Mother's day - just as I always dreamed of!

Me and Noah on Mother's Day

Love this little guy :)

Mother's Day 2012

My gifts :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Surprise, Goodbye, & Happy Birthday!

I started my busy weekend off with a Momma Day! I went to Ft. Smith and shopped all by myself for 5 hours! It was awesome! I found Noah some cute clothes (he needed something to cover his belly, it keeps trying to creep out of the shirts he has) and me some maternity shorts. I then went to La Huerta for a surprise party for one of my oldest and dearest friends Sarah. She is turning the big 30 so we all met up and surprised her for dinner and cake! She was definitely surprised and even teared up on us a few times - which she claims has come with age :)

Sarah blowing out the candles before the fire alarm went off ;)

All the party: Justina, Lacey, Sarah, Erin, me, Jennifer, Cara, and Maria

Me and the birthday girl!

Saturday we threw my niece Tori a going away party. She is moving to Los Angeles to be with her mom and family - who moved out there last September. It was a nice little get together with some good food! I will miss you Tori - I didn't see you a lot, but it was nice having you so close and available!

Tori and I (and baby Stillwell obviously) :)

From that party we left for a birthday party in Conway for my friend Courtney's son Liam. Noah hadn't napped, and doesn't nap in the car very often, so I wasn't sure how his partying would go. When we got there we peeked in the backyard to see if that is where they were partying or if it was inside. Well, when we peeked in the backyard, Noah saw the swingset and had a meltdown when we made him go to the door! It was very embarrassing for them to open the door to the party and everyone was sitting there and Noah is literally throwing himself down and screaming to go outside. I quickly rushed him out the back door and he instantly was fine and was perfect from then on! Courtney's moms house is very childproofed so it was nice to let him roam and explore some and not have to constantly tell him no! I did learn that poor Noah is not very heat friendly. All the other kids were playing outside and they looked normal, Noah was beet red, drenched in sweat, and HOT! We also noticed that all the other kids pretty much stayed in one place and played - not Noah! He explored every inch of that yard and never stopped roaming! He had us both wore out and ready to sit in the air conditioning for sure!


Look Momma - sticks!

Cooling off in the playroom :)

Yummy Angry Bird Cupcakes!

Sunday we had another great church lesson - much needed for me - and Noah and I played in the air conditioning and cleaned house while Nathan went and served with the Church by mowing peoples yards for them. It was a nice end to a busy weekend!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

20 Weeks! Half way there!

I am officially half way there. I am one of those weird people who loves being pregnant - and I have never understood someone complaining. I mean seriously - you have a human being in your stomach, it doesn't get much cooler than that! I know some people have difficult and painful pregnancies and some people just like to complain (that is just how they are) but all in all pregnancy is a blessing and should be treated as such! Now for some 20 week highlights:

* I have gained 5 pounds! Slow and steady is good because I know I will be packing it on in the end!

* Still not in maternity clothes, but I tried on some maternity shorts that were given to me last night, and one pair was actually tight. So, I will be breaking those out soon. I started using a belly band - those are awesome! I am still able to unbutton some of my jeans and wear a belt and wear them - but my jeans will not be washed and worn again until after the pregnancy - so I try not to spill anything or get them too dirty because once they are washed, they will not fit again! :)

* My current cravings are chocolate milk, cheeseburgers, angel food cake with strawberries, salads, and chips and cheese dip. I am still not liking steak very much, and sometimes Nathan cooks me something seasoned the exact same way as he did last week and I can't eat it - it just tastes bad. I feel so bad, but if I eat it I will get sick, so I just have to throw it away. Thankfully, he is understanding!

* The baby is moving all the time and especially does when Noah is sitting on my lap! It kicks him right in the back! Maybe it is a sign of love ?! :)

* No more scares as of right now. If I get up too quick my abdomen muscles feel like they are ripping so I try to remember that. But, Baby Stillwell needs room and there is only one way to get it! Stretch momma stretch! I just hope this baby doesn't dislocate my rib like the Noah did - that was unpleasant.

I can't wait to see my baby again and watch it and my belly grow and grow more!

I am SO much bigger earlier than I was with Noah - I keep waiting for it to level out - not yet!

Baby Stillwell #2
Noah at 20 Weeks

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Noah's 1st Fever :(

Well, I think making it the first two years of life without a fever is a success! I am not sure if it has to do with breastfeeding (which increases immune systems) or if I am just lucky, but Noah had never had a fever until this weekend. He, of course, acted fine. I felt bad because I was not accustomed to checking for fever, so I am hoping he hadn't had it long before I checked it. It was only 101.6 - but Noah has a lower normal body temp, so it was more like 102.6 for him. Here is how it went down:

Saturday, Nathan left out about 5:30 a.m. for a softball tournament, so Noah and I had the day together. We went to our cousin Hailey's birthday party, and we didn't stay long. Noah was into everything and running me around like crazy. It was an outside party and it was hot - so I was burning up. So, after about 30 minutes, I loaded him up and we went to Sonic for some air conditioning and ice cream. Once we got home Noah felt hot - just his back and the top of his head. So, that is when I took his temperature. I started the alternating medicines then and he was acting fine so I didn't see a need for a doctor trip. I try to not overreact so I wanted to see how he did the rest of the day.

Noah exploring at the birthday party

He was so proud he took all the roses off the bush! Sorry Kristal :/

Noah still had his fever Sunday so I didn't want to send him to church nursery and possibly infect the other kids. So, we didn't go to church, but I had nursery duty so I ran over and worked that during our second service. We had a date planned to go to a movie and Nathan's parents were going to watch Noah. I told them he had a fever, but was acting fine. They said to go ahead and bring him. So, we took him out to see them and we went and saw The Lucky One and had lunch at Dixie Cafe. It was a nice date! The movie and food were both good - and my company wasn't bad either :)

Noah's daycare has a fever rule of 24 hour fever free, so I knew he couldn't go Monday. So, I had to take off and stay home with him. He ended up falling asleep at 8:00 (an hour before his bedtime) - he just laid over on me on the couch and was asleep in 5 seconds! (no exaggeration, literally, 5 seconds) He slept for 13 hours straight and woke up fever free! So, we just had a nice Monday off and played together and watched movies - and may have ate a little junk food :)

I am glad to report we are now fever free and feeling good! Hopefully his lucky streak of no illness will continue or I may be just jinxing myself!