Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here a park, there a park...

Noah began running fever (102) last Wednesday night. Then, he woke up Thursday and kept grabbing his throat and crying and was still running a fever. I looked in his throat with a flash light and sure enough, there were little sores! So, I had to cancel my baby appointment and take him to the doctor instead. Our doctor wasn't in, but he got to see another pediatrician that I love. He was who first saw Noah at the hospital too! He said Noah was the 3rd case of the same virus that morning and he would be back to normal soon. He would just have a fever and some ulcers on his throat.

Well, my little overachiever was fine by Thursday afternoon! His fever never rose again after 10:00 a.m. Thursday and the spots in his mouth were gone by that evening! Thank you God! But, since he had a fever on Thursday I didn't want to take him back to daycare until he was fever free for sure - I hate the thought of him spreading it to the other kids. So, I had a mini-vacation with Noah. I personally needed it, not sure I really needed to take off work, but apparently God had other plans, and that day he wanted me to spend with Noah. Who was I to say no? :)

Does this look sick to you? HA!

Friday we went to go to a park we had never been to but the road to it was under construction so we couldn't go. So, we went back to an old faithful park that he likes. There were 4 school buses of kids in park of this park and he wanted to go play with them so bad! They were 4th graders though and I didn't want him to get in there way, so I had to do some major diversions! Luckily, the park is very shaded and it wasn't overly hot so we did lots of exploring - Noah's favorite thing to do! He has gotten to where he totally ignores the playground equipment, he just wants to walk/run around and pick up rocks and sticks. Fine by me - I could use a little exercise myself :) There was also a baseball field there so we practiced running bases - it was so cute! We finished off that day with a happy meal and some movies at home in the air conditioning - perfect day with my little guy!

Look Momma - more sticks!

My little explorer gathering more sticks :)

Running the bases like a big boy! It won't be long and this will be in a real game!

Sweaty, dirty, and ready to nap!

Saturday Nathan was playing in a softball tournament so Noah and I decided to try the other park again that we had never been to. It was in the middle of a campground and the playground was pirate ship themed - I thought he would love it. Well, it got a "oooohhhh" out of him - then he was off to explore and gather. So, we walked all around again and gathered up sticks and rocks and pine needles - you name it! I got him to get in the ship once, but then he was ready to go.

Pirate Noah :)

Sunday we went to church and then went to Fayetteville for my nieces 3rd birthday party and it was where else?? At the park of course! So, we walked all around this park and it was such a nice place! I really wish we had a park like this around here. It had several different jungle gyms, equipment, pavilions, gazebos, picnic areas, tennis courts, volleyball area, a castle, bridges - it was just awesome! It was past Noah's nap time so he wasn't being the best kid, but not too bad considering the lack of nap. He was exhausted when we left!

Dada and Noah headed to play!

Noah trying to figure out if he is about to be eaten or not :)

My sweet outdoor boy!

This was our cue it was time to go! HA!

I am so glad to get the chance to spend some one on one time with Noah before the new baby gets here and get to enjoy him. I know it will be less once the baby gets here, but he is also going to get a best friend in his new sibling also :)

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