Thursday, May 3, 2012

20 Weeks! Half way there!

I am officially half way there. I am one of those weird people who loves being pregnant - and I have never understood someone complaining. I mean seriously - you have a human being in your stomach, it doesn't get much cooler than that! I know some people have difficult and painful pregnancies and some people just like to complain (that is just how they are) but all in all pregnancy is a blessing and should be treated as such! Now for some 20 week highlights:

* I have gained 5 pounds! Slow and steady is good because I know I will be packing it on in the end!

* Still not in maternity clothes, but I tried on some maternity shorts that were given to me last night, and one pair was actually tight. So, I will be breaking those out soon. I started using a belly band - those are awesome! I am still able to unbutton some of my jeans and wear a belt and wear them - but my jeans will not be washed and worn again until after the pregnancy - so I try not to spill anything or get them too dirty because once they are washed, they will not fit again! :)

* My current cravings are chocolate milk, cheeseburgers, angel food cake with strawberries, salads, and chips and cheese dip. I am still not liking steak very much, and sometimes Nathan cooks me something seasoned the exact same way as he did last week and I can't eat it - it just tastes bad. I feel so bad, but if I eat it I will get sick, so I just have to throw it away. Thankfully, he is understanding!

* The baby is moving all the time and especially does when Noah is sitting on my lap! It kicks him right in the back! Maybe it is a sign of love ?! :)

* No more scares as of right now. If I get up too quick my abdomen muscles feel like they are ripping so I try to remember that. But, Baby Stillwell needs room and there is only one way to get it! Stretch momma stretch! I just hope this baby doesn't dislocate my rib like the Noah did - that was unpleasant.

I can't wait to see my baby again and watch it and my belly grow and grow more!

I am SO much bigger earlier than I was with Noah - I keep waiting for it to level out - not yet!

Baby Stillwell #2
Noah at 20 Weeks


  1. You will "pop out" faster with each one! You look great!

    1. That is what I hear - I just hope it levels out at the end. I gained the maximum amount they wanted me to with Noah - no need to be an overachiever in that area :) Thanks - hope to see you popping soon too :)