Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Princess Ryan

There was a local fundraiser that was a Disney Princess Tea Party. I wasn't going to take Ryan at first, but then decided to go ahead and go. It was for a good cause and I try to not decide what my kids will like for them before they try things (when that is an option). So, we bought our ticket and I picked her out the perfect little princess dress and we were ready!

Ready to go!
They offered to fix the girls hair and paint their nails but we didn't do that part. I did not want any heat tools on Ryans hair yet and I was afraid she would get burned. She has such cute naturally curly hair anyway :) She has not had her nails painted yet - she would eat it, trust me. Plus, I want to be the first one to paint her nails :) But, she still looked very cute and girly in her little gold dress and flower in her hair.

When we pulled into the parking lot of the church where the event was, Ryan started screaming!! Then we got in line and she cried through the whole time in line and kept saying "stay momma, stay momma, no, no" - then I figured it out - she thought we were at church and I was going to drop her off. Once I got her through the line and into the room she was fine. We bid on silent auction items, made crafts (decorated sticker crowns and made necklaces), had cupcakes, got crowned by "Princess Sofia" and got to meet all the Disney Princesses. Ryan did not want to take her picture with them - she was being shy, but she told them all hi :)

All her goodies :)
We had a great time and cannot wait to go back and do it again. I have already heard talk of it being an annual thing. I am glad to have my little princess to be able to go and do girly things with!

On another Ryan note - just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter - she got her first nightgown! Oh my goodness!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mommas NightS Out!

Yes, you read that right - this momma took 2 nights away from the kids within 2 days of each other! (Yes, they were waiting on me when I got home - it wasn't overnight, but still) :)

The first outing was to a concert. One of my favorite country singers is Arkansas' own Justin Moore. He was originally scheduled to come here back in November but it was rescheduled at the last minute for April. So, we have been waiting on this concert for a while now! Luckily, the night was worth the wait. We started our night with dinner at TGI Fridays (our favorite) with friends for pot stickers and Jack Daniels flat iron steaks - SO good!

Then it was off to the concert! The lines were long when we got there, so we missed one of the opening acts (Josh Thompson) but made it in before Randy Houser started. This was our second time to watch Justin Moore and he always puts on a great show!

As always, I end up standing by the one person who insists I am not having fun and that I have to do everything they do to have fun. She kept saying "keep your hands up! No crossing your arms!" as she wildly danced all over her fiance (I guess he was her fiance, she had a ring on and was with him). So, for the most part I looked like I was being frisked by the cops standing there with my arms straight up afraid to get caught with them down. Although this sounds annoying, it really was quite funny for me and everyone that knew me in our little area we had. The best part was when Justin Moore had everyone calling the hogs and guess who didn't have her arms up? Oh yes, she forgot, so I was more than happy to remind her :) It had been a long time since I had been with friends laughing and having a good time. It was much needed and SO much fun!

Saturday night I was able to go to the races with Nathan. I love to watch him race, I just hate leaving the kids on the weekends since I work all week. I try to really make the weekends count with them. But, this was a special race weekend so I really wanted to be there. We ate at the new Buffalo Wild Wings on the way (which we liked, we gave it a good review - food was good and didn't take too long - lots of others have not been as impressed, but we had no problems).

Nathan ended up resetting the track record that he currently held and won the Street Radial Shoot Out! I was very proud of him! I had a lot of fun watching him, talking with friends, and just hanging out. The weather was great so it was nice to just sit outside in the shade.

I love having an occasional break from being a Momma and being able to spend alone time with my husband, but it was also very nice to spend all day Sunday with the kids and Nathan. Best of both worlds :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

I saw a sign in town that said "Clarksville Egg Hunt, Cline Park Saturday at noon" so I decided since we had no plans for the day that we should go  - I had always wondered about the Clarksville City egg hunt and thought I had finally found it. Well, it turns out I hadn't. We got there and there were not as many people as I was expecting. Then we were greeted by some nice people telling us they would serve lunch and then have story time and then an egg hunt. This was a church's Easter celebration. I felt like we were intruding - even though they made us feel very welcome. We asked Noah if he wanted to stay or go to do something else - of course he wanted to hunt eggs. So, we stayed. He really go into the story of Jesus and the tomb and got a ton of eggs!

From there we went to the store with my dad so he could get them an Easter present (a new dinosaur and Minnie mouse) and then we went to my moms house for their Easter baskets where they got the cutest stuffed animals and candy and Noah got a magnifying glass that (little to Grandmas knowledge) he has been begging for!

The Easter Bunny came that night and brought the kids some books, movies (Walking with Dinosaurs and Frozen), some Minnie mouse things for Ryan and Noah had lost some dinosaurs at the ballpark so the Easter Bunny tracked some down to replace them :) I woke Noah up Easter morning and asked him if he wanted to go see what the Easter Bunny had brought him and he replied "that will be exciting" :) He loved all of his stuff and had to watch his movie right then! I then got ready for church and got Ryan up to see her Easter Bunny stuff - she was most excited about the FurReal bunny :)

After church Noah went to my grandmas early with my mom and I stayed and worked in the church nursery while Nathan and Ryan went home to play with her Easter stuff. Then we met up with Noah at my grandmas. The kids love my grandmas house - what is not to love with cows, goats, pigs, horses, dogs and a huge toy box! We all ate and did 2 egg hunts with all the cousins. There is always a big group of family there and there was over 50 people there and we were missing quite a few. Some of my best memories are from playing with all my cousins at my Grandma Bobbies house - it is so awesome to see my kids doing the same thing.

She wasn't a fan :)

Noah had to thank the Easter Bunny for all the stuff he got :)

We ended the day with Ryan on my hip and Noah in a chair, both helping me make chicken spaghetti and giggling and smiling. It was a good Easter :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fun Filled Saturday!

We had a full but fun Saturday! We started the day with an Easter egg hunt! Last year they divided the park by ages so each kid got a chance at something, this year it was a free-for-all with the babies getting a 5 second head start. I wasn't as big of a fan of the way it went this year, but the kids got eggs and had fun so it worked out fine.

Next we went home for lunch and naps. While Ryan napped, Nathan played with Noah and I went to a baby shower for some friends. Then we all headed to a special little girls 1st birthday party. It was a circus themed party and was SO cute! Noah wanted his face painted with a parensterophalus and and ornithamimus (2 different dinosaurs - I think that is how you spell their names). The poor face painting lady looked at me and said "do you see the panic on my face?" HA! I told her any dinosaur was fine. I convinced him to just get a dinosaur bone on the other cheek :) It looked AWESOME! Noah loved the bounce house and running around with the big kids chasing balloons while Ryan played in a ball pit and ate everything she could get her hands on :)

Such a fun family day we all got to spend together - my favorite kind of days!