Monday, April 28, 2014

Mommas NightS Out!

Yes, you read that right - this momma took 2 nights away from the kids within 2 days of each other! (Yes, they were waiting on me when I got home - it wasn't overnight, but still) :)

The first outing was to a concert. One of my favorite country singers is Arkansas' own Justin Moore. He was originally scheduled to come here back in November but it was rescheduled at the last minute for April. So, we have been waiting on this concert for a while now! Luckily, the night was worth the wait. We started our night with dinner at TGI Fridays (our favorite) with friends for pot stickers and Jack Daniels flat iron steaks - SO good!

Then it was off to the concert! The lines were long when we got there, so we missed one of the opening acts (Josh Thompson) but made it in before Randy Houser started. This was our second time to watch Justin Moore and he always puts on a great show!

As always, I end up standing by the one person who insists I am not having fun and that I have to do everything they do to have fun. She kept saying "keep your hands up! No crossing your arms!" as she wildly danced all over her fiance (I guess he was her fiance, she had a ring on and was with him). So, for the most part I looked like I was being frisked by the cops standing there with my arms straight up afraid to get caught with them down. Although this sounds annoying, it really was quite funny for me and everyone that knew me in our little area we had. The best part was when Justin Moore had everyone calling the hogs and guess who didn't have her arms up? Oh yes, she forgot, so I was more than happy to remind her :) It had been a long time since I had been with friends laughing and having a good time. It was much needed and SO much fun!

Saturday night I was able to go to the races with Nathan. I love to watch him race, I just hate leaving the kids on the weekends since I work all week. I try to really make the weekends count with them. But, this was a special race weekend so I really wanted to be there. We ate at the new Buffalo Wild Wings on the way (which we liked, we gave it a good review - food was good and didn't take too long - lots of others have not been as impressed, but we had no problems).

Nathan ended up resetting the track record that he currently held and won the Street Radial Shoot Out! I was very proud of him! I had a lot of fun watching him, talking with friends, and just hanging out. The weather was great so it was nice to just sit outside in the shade.

I love having an occasional break from being a Momma and being able to spend alone time with my husband, but it was also very nice to spend all day Sunday with the kids and Nathan. Best of both worlds :)

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