Monday, August 29, 2011

You is kind, you is smart, you is important...

We had quite the weekend! Nathan played softball in a National tournament in Fayetteville and lets just say it wasn't their weekend. He had 5 guys drop out on his at the last minute, so it makes it difficult to play with guys you don't normally play with, and they were having a hard time hitting - so we were done early.  I am a good loser, so it doesn't bother me. Someone has to lose and it kills me to see people not accept defeat. Nathan was pretty disappointed and hates to end the season like that. I won't be surprised if he does one more tournament with his team to maybe go out on a better note. But, I won't miss it. I love softball and watching Nathan do something he loves - but I love having open weekends too.

The best looking catcher I've ever seen :)

Noah spent the day with his cousins at Uncle Eli's house - they had a great time! Eli has a 10 year old, almost 5 year old, and a 4 week old - so there was plenty for Noah to do. He was exhausted when we picked him up and so were we, so we were glad to all relax at home in the air conditioning together.

Sunday Nathan took me on a day date! Nathan's parents watched Noah and we went to Russellville to eat and to a movie. He took me to Cracker Barrel, which really surprised me! He is not a Cracker Barrel fan, he says he can never find anything he likes there. I on the other hand love their food and don't even get me started on the Country Store! I could shop in there for hours! I ended up doing a little shopping while Nathan was in the after-church check-out line (it was kind-of long) and got Noah some adorable train conductor overalls and hat and some Skidder shoes - they look like socks at the top and are rubber on the bottom. He will love those! He is always bringing me shoes at the house to put on him. He got that from his Daddy. I am barefoot all the time and Nathan cannot stand to be barefoot - he at least has house shoes on at all times!

From there we went to the movies and saw The Help. It was such a good movie. I had heard nothing but good things about it so I figured it would be. The theatre was still packed and it wasn't opening weekend for the movie, and when it was over there was applause! It was that good! I am in no way racist and neither is Nathan, so the whole way home and even still this morning, we were talking about how we just cannot believe that the world was ever like that and that there are still people these days that feel that way. I personally know racist people and I just do not understand their ignorance. I do not bite my tongue on this topic so I am constantly telling the people I hear say racist things how wrong it is - and it may do no good, but I cannot just say nothing. I hear people group people together of a race by personality characteristics and talk about them in a bad way because of them. I know just as many white people with those same characteristics. It is 2011, people need to be enlightened. I am so glad Noah will never know a time as what was in the movie The Help, and I am going to try my hardest to raise him with the intelligence to know that we are all equal and God created us all that way. One of the maids in The Help had a close relationship with one of the girls she was raising for her employer. The little girls mom neglected her alot so the maid was constantly telling her "you is kind, you is smart, you is important". She wanted her to have a chance and to hear good things about herself - as I feel everyone in this world should.

We had a great weekend, I love getting to spend lots of time with my boys!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome to the craziness Greyson!

My little (big - he is 6'4" tall) brother Eli was recently blessed with a son! Greyson Lee Joseph Gunn was just what Eli needed after having two daughters already! My amazingly strong sister-in-law Kesha delivered Greyson drug free on July 29, 2011.

Kesha breathing through a contraction - she is one tough girl!

6 lbs 14 ozs, 21.25 inches long

Noah meeting cousin Greyson for the 1st time!

The complete Gunn Family - Savannah, Eliza Nell, Kesha, Greyson, and Eli!
(Photo by Ann Price Photography)

I am blessed to work somewhere that infants are welcome! I had Noah at work with me until he was 10 weeks old. The boss lady said "you will know when it is time to send him to daycare" - and I did. I didn't shed a tear and was completely fine with Noah going to his sitters for the first time. Since Greyson was born just 4 weeks ago and his momma and daddy had to go back to work when he was just 2 weeks old, we (my mom, myself, and the other co-workers) are taking care of him until he is 6 weeks old (or whenever we feel we can give him up) and can go to his new sitters house. So, Greyson has been a regular at the office lately.

Greyson and his 2 beautiful big sisters!
(Photo by Ann Price Photography)

We are glad we get to be a part of this little boys life from the beginning
(Photo by Ann Price Photography)

I put Greyson to sleep at work today and looked down and flashed back a year! I swear it was just yesterday that I had my sweet Noah in the bouncy seat beside my chair. Time is flying by!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chores, Family, and Kardashians

No, that is not another Kardashian show coming out, that is what my weekend consisted of! I am off work on Fridays, and I have to pay Noah's sitter for Fridays whether he goes or not so I send him and clean house, do the grocery shopping, etc. while he isn't around. It is awesome to be able to get these things done before my weekend starts. So, through the week I will write things down I need to try to do on Fridays, otherwise I will think that sitting around and just clearing out space on the DVR is what I need to do! So, this Friday I went to Wal-Mart, cleaned out the refrigerator, cleaned and organized my bathroom drawers (they had become catch-alls), and detailed my car. I had clean the tubs on that list too, but after detailing my car when it was 102 degrees I decided that could wait until next Friday. So, I sat down to soak up a little air conditioning and relax before I went to get Noah. I watched the movie Jennifers Body - take it from me, don't waste your time. It was so stupid and went no where. I couldn't believe I even wasted my time on it. But the air conditioning felt nice anyway. After I got Noah we just had some Pasta Grill at home and went to be early. We were all wore out.

Daddy telling Noah bye - this is the look Noah gives him when he asks for a kiss!
Nathan was playing in a softball tournament in Paris Saturday so he left out Saturday morning while Noah and I hung around the house. We planned to catch a game in the afternoon just to get out of the house. While we were waiting at home to leave for Nathan's next game I got a text of a last minute going away dinner in Russellville for my oldest niece who is leaving for college the next day. So, I decided to try to squeeze it all in! Noah and I went and washed the car - which I learned terrifies him, and went to Paris to see Nathan. Noah ran all around the dirt parking lot playing with his football - it was so cute! Nathan and I were alternating walking around with him because it was so hot! We didn't get to watch any games because they were running behind, then it started raining, so Noah and I left.

Noah in the carwash - I had no idea he was so scared! I couldn't exactly get out or leave in the middle so he just had to tough it out - poor guy! :(
We drove to Russellville a way I had never been before, it took about 45 minutes. I was hoping Noah would nap, but nope. He still isn't big on being in the car, but Mickey Mouse DVDs seemed to help him not fuss as much. I have decided to just let him fuss it out in the car. There is really nothing I can do about it and he will have to ride in the car, and sometimes for long periods of time. Maybe he will just get used to it.

Mr. Handsome

We got to Russellville early so Noah and I went to Goody's to get something to wear to the dinner. I wasn't planning on us getting that hot and sweaty, then rained on at the game. We changed in the car and headed over to Umamis! Our table wasn't ready yet when we got there and there was 16 people in our party so I was worried about Noah making it through dinner since we were quickly approaching his bedtime, but he made it! He wasn't necessarily on his best behavior, but he did good considering we left the restaurant 30 minutes after his bedtime!

Me any my niece Tori - I cannot believe you are going away to college already!
(Sorry about the pictures - it was dark and they are phone pictures)

My sister Jaime, cousin Kristal, Tori, and I at Tori's dinner.

We got home and I quickly fed him and bathed him and put him to bed at 10:45 - but like clockwork he was up at 8:30 - he cannot sleep past that time no matter what time I put him to bed. Everyone tells me to keep him up later on the weekends and he will sleep better  - nope, not my Noah!

Where have I been?

Sunday we had a lazy day at home. Noah and I got up and after breakfast I stumbled upon a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon - and I could not stop watching. I finally just set the DVR to record them because I knew I wouldn't get to watch all the ones I wanted to right now. Since Kim Kardashian was getting married this weekend, they were all over tv. I am not sure why I didn't watch it before, I think the previews made them look very snobby and "to good", but when I watched it I loved them! They are all so funny and I love watching them together. In a weird way, they seem normal. I was about to drive Nathan crazy with the marathon I could tell, so we had to throw some Little League World Series and Swamp Loggers in there too, but he did watch some of them with me. He was laughing when he was watching it, but he claims to not care for it. I will have to work on him!

Noah has discovered his tongue, and after we brush it in the mornings, he won't put it away!

Other than that we had our Sunday visit from Nathan's parents and Nathan went and did some grocery shopping while Noah and I played in the yard.

It was a good weekend, full of all the things I love!

Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Year of Mommyhood

I have been a Momma (as I like to call it) for a little over a year now. I have been working on a list of things that I learned during my first year as a Momma. Someday, maybe after a few more kids, I will look back at what all I learned my first year and laugh at how old and wise I am then. It may be fun to look back when I learned things that are second nature to me by then. (I'll thrown a few current pictures of Noah in for color - and well because he is so darn cute!)

* Never trust what is on your hands - it may be chocolate, it may be that you didn't wash your hands as good as you thought after that diaper change, it may be something your child wiped on you while you were not looking. It is not worth the risk!

* Your body can adjust to many things, and lack of sleep is no different. It takes some getting used to in the beginning, but it catches on quick. I have never required alot of sleep so I did fine, but the beginning with a newborn can be rough.

Huh? I can't hear you?

* Everything is not as crazy and sad as it seems when you get home with a newborn. The 2nd day after I got home from the hospital I remember seeing that Lindsey Lohan was arrested on tv and I started crying.  I told Nathan that I have no idea why I was crying because I didn't even like Lindsey Lohan. It is funny now, but seemed so serious then. Those hormones can take you for quite a ride.

* Your pants are never safe from pee or poop no matter how old you are. You have never truly lived until you have had your pants peed or pooped by someone else. It is awesome!

Noah loves Teddy Grahams!

* This may just be something for me, not all moms - spit from your own child is ok. I'm not a big fan of spit, but Noah's spit is ok. I can handle it. I'm not one of those super moms that doesn't mind other kids drooling all over me. I don't freak out when it happens, but it turns my stomach.

* Routines are awesome. When your child gets in a routine and knows what to expect, life is awesome. I can plan for anything and I know how to best plan it around Noah because I know what to expect. Getting in a natural routine that is best for your child as soon as possible makes for great days.

Noah's favorite toy of the week, a spatula!

* Dads don't HAVE to get up with the new baby. I nursed so it just made sense for me to get up with Noah and change him and feed him and put him back to sleep. I was lucky that Noah never got up unless he was hungry so it made no sense for Nathan to get up with him. What was he going to do - watch? I made it just fine being the only one to have ever gotten up with Noah - I am proud of that. It also helped me to bond quicker with Noah.

* If you try to leave the house without a change of clothes for your child, he/she will soil them before you can get back home. I have tested this and it never fails. I have never left the house without diapers, but Noah has ate out at a restaurant in just a diaper and t-shirt. I will never think bad thoughts about the kid across the restaurant that is eating in just a diaper again - they could have just gambled and lost too.

Momma and Noah

* If you have a baby that gives strangers free reign to talk to you like they have known you forever. I keep to my own in public, don't talk much to strangers. However, when we are out with Noah, it never fails that people strike up conversations with you about their children. I have gotten used to it now, but it was so weird to me at first.

* If you go on a date, you will always get seated by a table with a small child when you leave yours at home. It is not like we are usually talking about anything besides Noah when we go on a date, but hearing baby jabber and seeing another squishy little baby makes a momma miss hers awful fast!

Noah's improvised pillow - a diaper!

* People always want to feed fat kids. This may be true with skinny kids too, but my kid is chubby so that is all I know, so far anyway. No matter what time of day or where we are, we get people trying to feed Noah stuff or asking if he needs anything to eat. Obviously we feed him, he is fat. We have it under control! :)

* Things seem cheaper when your child likes them. That toy that you would have thought was way too expensive that your friend bought their child, doesn't seem that bad once you see your child smile after you give it to them.

Noah's new big boy hat - just like Daddys!

* Just when you think you cannot pace the house with a fussy baby once more or hear another minute of crying - you can. Momma strength kicks in and you "stay calm and carry on".

* Kids are not scarred for life when you tell them no. They are probably not even scarred for 5 minutes. Their rebound time to being onto something else is amazing.

There is a new four-wheeler cop in town - look out!

* Pets are awesome, but they definitely take a backseat to the kids - whether we want to admit it or not.

* Taking a break from the kid is necessary for everyones sanity, including the baby. Plus, it is selfish to keep the kid all to yourself. Grandma and Grandpa need some bonding time too without Momma and Daddy there.

* No matter what toys you buy, the kid will find something at the house that is not a toy and play with it for hours! Put away the things you really care about because if it is out it will be handled by the kid. It is good to leave some things out to establish boundaries so they can learn "no" but nothing you can't live without.

Noah is all about his sunglasses lately.

I am a Momma now, I have a new persepctive on things. I learned so much in such a short time and learn new things each day about myself now that I am a mom. I was made for this...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Be Busy!

Me and my boys - who keep me busy, in a good way!

I just have to say this. I keep reading on Facebook and blogs and hear people say all the time how busy they are. Not in a making conversation or informative way, but in a complaining way. This really irritates me. There are very few things that I am hearing people complain about that they did not bring on themselves. Life is what you make of it and what you put in it. If you want your kids to be happy and they are happy playing sports or being involved in things, then be happy to do that with and for them. That is your job as their parent. If you are forcing your child to do these things, making it more like work - that is a you problem and only you can fix it. As the coach of several kids basketball teams, the coaches do not want a kid there that doesn't want to be there any more than the kid wants to be there. If your child is involved in activities, then you obviously signed them up for the activity and at that time agreed to make time for it.

If you have alot to do, embrace it. Be glad you have things to do and places to go. Be glad you are not at home alone and bored. Be glad you have family and friends to see and do things with. Be glad your child has the opportunity to participate in events and organizations. Be glad you have a vehicle and gas money to go to these things. Be glad you get to watch your child in these sports. There are many less fortunate than you in that area. Those with depression who cannot leave the house would love the physical ability to do what you take for granted. Those children whose parents cannot afford or have the means to get their child to and from events envy you. The parents who are working and miss their childs baseball game or dance recital are more jealous than you will know. Do what you can, with what you have got. No one is asking more or less of you and if they are, you don't need them in your life. If a true friend sees you being overwhelmed, they will help out. If not, God is not going to give you more than you can handle, so just breathe and move on.

I recently had a talk with a loved one who said he was scared to die. He has a paralyzing fear of not having enough time here on Earth. I told him to just push it out of his mind because there is nothing that can be done about it, we will all eventually die. This is just our temporary home. There is bigger and better waiting for us. He said he had a list of things to do in life and he didn't think he would be able to get them all done. After he listed a short part of his list - I told him some of those things were unrealistic and most likely not going to happen. But, to live each day to the fullest. BE BUSY! Pack in as much as you can in each day because when you die, you are not going to wish you spent more time sleeping or sitting around doing nothing. You are going to wish you could see your son score another basket, have another tea party with your daughter, take another last minute trip to see the beach, sit with your grandma and talk about nothing important (just talking with grandma is enough), or watch your mom or dad blow out another cake full of candles!

Noah's life is flying by and I try to ensure that each day he has fun and I make a memory with him. He will never remember these times, but I will. I will cherish these days, and I may not see him grow up. We just don't know. God may need me earlier than my friends and family are done with me, so I have just got to make the most of it. I want my body to be just completely wore out when it is my time to go from doing everything that makes me happy!

Go make the most of that dash between the date of birth and date of death...

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Day in the Life - Sunday

8:30 Noah woke me up playing in his crib (I was SO excited he slept this long!) so I got up and in the shower - I hate doing anything before my shower
9:00 Nathan got Noah up to play while I finished getting ready for the day
9:30 Ate breakfast with Noah - Noah had a banana and yogurt and I had Banana Nut Crunch
10:00 - 12:00 Played with Noah in the nice air conditioning - we all 3 watched some Mickey Mouse and the boys wrestled  - it was nice.
12:00 Fed Noah lunch - Mini Ravioli
12:30 Put Noah down for his nap
12:30 - 1:30 Nathan and I swept and mopped the floors and cleaned the bathrooms
1:30 - 3:30 Nathan and I watched "No Strings Attached" (very good movie, by the way)
3:30 Noah wakes up from his nap and has a snack - fruit strips and goldfish
4:00  I picked out Noah's clothes for the week (I lay out 5 outfits for the week on his dresser, it makes mornings easier) and had to find him something to wear to a funeral visitation that night.
4:30 -5:30 We all 3 got ready for the funeral visitation (my step-grandmother passed away)
6:00 - 7:00 We attended the visitation
7:00 - 8:00 Went to eat mexican food with Nathan, Noah, and my nephew Christian
8:30 Got home, fed Noah dinner (meat sticks, peas, and oranges and cereal)
9:00 Gave Noah a bath
9:30 Sat with Noah while he had his milk
9:45 Put Noah to bed
9:50 Got ready for bed and fed the cats and fish
10:00 - 11:30 Watched the Red Soxs/Yankees game - I told Nathan I would stay up and watch it with him and it ended up going into extra innings - but the Red Sox won at least!
11:30 We both fell asleep with Sportscenter on

Noah coloring - he wouldn't color unless he was sitting on the book!

Noah and Daddy "sleeping" - if I put a pillow on the floor this is what Noah does!

Noah's new favorite toy - a spatula :)

By doing this little project I have learned that I have a very specific routine and I watch alot of tv. Also - I spend alot more time with Noah than I thought I did, it just doesn't feel like enough some days. I can't wait to look back on this in a year and compare a week then to now.

A Day in the Life - Saturday

Saturday, August 6, 2011

8:00 Wake up to Noah playing in his crib - take a shower
8:45 Get Noah up and we have breakfast together - Noah had a banana and yogurt, I had Banana Nut Crunch cereal
9:15 Noah and I play and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
10:00 Nathan gets up and goes to a bow shoot his brother is having
10:30 Noah and I got to get the office mail and do some banking for work
11:15 Feed Noah lunch (Macaroni-n-cheese with chicken and vegetables - Gerber Meal)
11:45 Put Noah down for his nap
12:00 - Noah naps while I do dishes, eat lunch, and do laundry, watched a movie
2:30 Noah got up and I fed him his snack - goldfish
3:00 - 5:00 Noah and I watched Toy Story 3 and had some Teddy Grahams
5:00 - 7:30 Nathan got home and played with Noah so I finished up the laundry, and played some too
7:30 We all had dinner - Noah had chicken, green beans, and rice cereal with peaches and I went and picked me and Nathan up some food from Kountry Kitchen (we never cook - really, it is rare).
8:00 Gave Noah a bath
8:30 Sat with Noah on the couch while he had his milk
9:00 Put Noah to bed
9:05 Got ready for bed and fed the cats and fish
9:25 Watched some Groundhog Day with Nathan (one of our favorites) in bed before we set the tv timer and fell asleep

Our Favorite New Snack - Momma loves them just as much as Noah - that's not good!

Happy boy playing with Momma

Sunday - the last day is all that's left!

A Day in the Life - Friday

Friday - August 5, 2011

7:15 Get up and shower - Fridays are my day off so I get up when I hear Noah playing in his crib - so 7:15 is my sleeping in :)
8:00 Load the car and fix my breakfast to eat in the car (cereal bar and milk)
8:15 Get Noah up and dressed and take a few pictures of course!
8:20 Nathan fell asleep on the couch so Noah and I woke him up :)
8:30 Take Noah to Laurie, his babysitter
8:45 - 9:30 I leave Lauries after I get Noah started eating and chat with Laurie a little. I usually stay a little longer on Fridays because I go check the office mail at 9:30.
9:35 Check the office mail - which they didn't have it all put up yet.
9:40 - 10:15 Do my weekly Wal-Mart trip
10:20 Back to the post office and get the rest of the mail and a package I had ordered for Nathan's brother
10:30 Drop off groceries at the house and pick Nathan up to run errands and eat lunch with me. His dump truck broke down so he got to spend the day with me! Lucky guy!
11:00 - 11:30 Went and picked up some signs and flyers for the upcoming Rhea Lanas sale, went by my moms to take care of her cat (she was out of town), and had to stop by work and pay some office bills.
11:30 - We drove down to Sweet Treats to eat lunch but they were really busy and I figured they would be out of the special before we got any so we just went back to town. Nathans brother met us there to pick up his package though, so it wasn't a wasted trip.
12:00 Lunch with Nathan at Fat Dawgz - Nathan needed more fried pickles! I think he has a problem! :)
1:00 - 3:30 I cleaned the house - dusted and cleaned out my closet. I usually try to get alot of cleaning done on Fridays so that I can enjoy the weekend. Plus, it is easier while Noah is not here.
3:30 - 4:45 Finally sat down for the 1st time today and relaxed. Had some magic bars and watched Toddlers & Tiaras
5:00  Went and picked Noah up
5:30 - 7:15 Played with Noah and watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
7:15 Nathan went to Crosswoods and brought us back some dinner and we all ate together. Noah had meat sticks, corn, and cereal with mandarin oranges. I had chicken nachos and Nathan had steak (of course).
8:00 Gave Noah a bath
8:30 Sat with Noah on the couch while he drank his milk before bed, and Nathan fell asleep on the couch, again. He does this all the time.
9:00 Brush Noah's teeth and put him in bed
9:05 I get ready for bed (wash face and put pj's on) and lay clothes out for the next day
9:15 Feed the cats and fish
9:20 Watched Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta in bed and then some Roseanne before falling asleep
2:00 Nathan wakes me up coming to bed
Noah with his M&M dispenser I turned into a Cheerios dispenser

Huh? I can't hear you?

Saturday, you're up!

A Day in the Life - Thursday

Thursday - August 4, 2011

6:30 Get up and shower
7:00 Wake Nathan up
7:30 Load the car and fix my breakfast to eat in the car (cereal bar and milk)
7:45 Get Noah up and dressed and take a few pictures of course, Nathan wanted to play with Noah some before work, so I gathered up our trash and took it out while they played.
8:15 Take Noah to Laurie, his babysitter
8:20 - 8:45 I leave Lauries after I get Noah started eating biscuits and gravy and chat with Laurie a little.
8:45 Get to work.
9:30 Go get office mail at the post office
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch with Nathan and Laikken. We went to Sweet Treats for some yummy desserts - peach cream cheese pie.
2:00 -5:00 Finished up my work for the week
5:00 Went and picked Noah up and talked with Lauries
5:30 - 7:30 Played with Noah - built blocks, played basketball, and some other favorites
7:30 Fed Noah dinner - turkey, corn, rice cereal with pears
8:00 Gave Noah a bath
8:30 Sat with Noah on the couch while he drank his milk before bed
9:00 Brush Noah's teeth and put him in bed
9:05 I get ready for bed (wash face and put pj's on) and lay clothes out for the next day
9:15 Feed the cats and fish
9:30 Watched some baseball with Nathan and fell asleep
This is what Noah does when I ask if Momma can take his picture - cheeser!

This is my view on my drive to work - I love it when the sun peeks through the clouds like this.
Friday is next!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Day in the Life - Wednesday

Wednesday - August 3, 2011

6:30 Get up and shower
7:00 Wake Nathan up
7:30 Load the car and fix my breakfast to eat in the car (cereal bar and milk)
7:45 Get Noah up and dressed and take a few pictures of course!
8:00 Take Noah to Laurie, his babysitter
8:15 - 8:30 I leave Lauries after I get Noah started playing with a piano and chat with Laurie a little.
8:30 - 8:45 Get to work.
9:30 Go get office mail at the post office
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch with Nathan. We went to Porky's - we needed more fried pickles!
3:30 A "tornadic micro-burst" came through town and knocked out the power. A bunch of trees were down on houses and cars and several power poles down. It was crazy. So, we all just sat sweating in the dark.
5:00  Went to go get Noah - Laurie didn't have power either and Noah's teeth were hurting so we didn't stay to visit.
5:15 - 6:15 Watched the news coverage of the storms and ate cheerios with Noah :)
6:15 - 8:15 Noah and I met Nathan at his parents for dinner (we do this every Wednesday). Brandon, Whitney, and Grandpa Charles were there. We had Rivertowne BBQ, corn, fried squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Noah had some baby food chicken, peas, and carrots.
8:30 Get home and feed Noah some rice cereal with pears
8:45 Gave Noah a bath
9:00 Sat with Noah on the couch while he drank his milk before bed
9:20 Brush Noah's teeth and put him in bed
9:25 I get ready for bed (wash face and put pj's on) and lay clothes out for the next day
9:35 Feed the cats and fish
9:45 Watched The Challenge: Rivals with Nathan
10:30 Went to bed with Nathan, I fell asleep with Sportscenter in the background.

What shoes should I wear today?

Happy Wednesday!

Stay tuned for Thursday...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Day in the Life - Tuesday...

Tuesday - August 2, 2011

6:30 Get up and shower
7:00 Wake Nathan up
7:30 Load the car and fix my breakfast to eat in the car (cereal bar and milk)
7:45 Get Noah up and dressed and take a few pictures of course!
8:00 Take Noah to Laurie, his babysitter
8:15 - 8:30 I leave Lauries after I get Noah started with building blocks and chat with Laurie a little.
8:30 - 8:45 Get to work.
9:30 Go get office mail at the post office
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch with Laikken and Nathan. We went to Fat Dawgz BBQ - we wanted fried pickles!
4:00  Leave to go get Noah, I had to get him early today because his sitter was buying a new car and had to go sign paperwork.
4:15-5:30 Play with Noah and watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
5:30 - 6:00 Noah and I eat dinner together. Noah has meat sticks, green beans, and cereal with mandarin oranges in it. I had leftover BBQ from lunch and shared it with Noah too.
6:00 Nathan gets home and we all start getting ready to leave. Nathan had softball games and Noah and I were going to National Night Out.
6:30 - 7:45 Noah and I attend a very HOT National Night Out - we walked around the booths, got Noah a balloon and some candy, I won a t-shirt, Noah played with some goats, and we left. It was too hot to do too much!
8:00 - 8:30 Noah and I sat on the couch and watched some Shark Week and enjoyed a little air conditioning
8:30 Gave Noah a bath
8:45 Sat with Noah on the couch while he drank his milk before bed
9:00 Brush Noah's teeth and put him in bed
9:05 I get ready for bed (wash face and put pj's on) and lay clothes out for the next day
9:20 Feed the cats and fish
9:25 Cleaned the kitchen, put dishes away, picked up the living room
9:40 Watched Teen Mom and enjoyed my quiet Momma time
10:30 Went to bed
Sometime after this Nathan got home - I must have been really tired because I didn't hear him come to bed!

All ready for the sitters!

Mr. Cool is finally wearing his sunglasses some!

Wednesday is next!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day in the Life...

I have seen this on a few other blogs so I am going to blog about what my days are like every day this week. It is a good way to compare later on and to remember what my crazy, or not to crazy, schedule is by comparison in a year. Also - I may be crazy, but I like to see what other people's days are like and compare.

Monday - August 1, 2011

6:30 Get up and shower
7:00 Wake Nathan up
7:30 Load the car and fix my breakfast to eat in the car (cereal bar and milk)
7:45 Get Noah up and dressed and take a few pictures of course!
8:00 Take Noah to Laurie, his babysitter
8:15 - 8:30 I leave Lauries after I get Noah started with building blocks and chat with Laurie a little.
8:30 - 8:45 Get to work.
9:30 Go get office mail at the post office
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch with Laikken and Mom - Sweet Treats, one of our usual spots.
3:30  Special surprise visit from my new nephew Greyson (oh and his parents too) at work
5:00  Leave to go get Noah
5:15-5:45 Chat with Laurie about Noahs day and try to get him and his stuff gathered up
5:45-6:00 Get home just in time to set Nathan's softball clothes out for him
6:00 Nathan leaves for softball games
6:00 - 7:30 Watch t.v. and play with Noah (we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bridezillas - what a combination)
7:30 - 8:00 Noah and I eat dinner together. Noah has meat sticks, carrots, and cereal with peaches in it. I had grilled chicken and macaroni-n-cheese.
8:00 Give Noah a bath
8:30 Sit with Noah and watch t.v. as he drinks his milk before bed (we watched The Secret Life)
9:00 Brush Noah's teeth and put him in bed
9:05 I get ready for bed (wash face and put pj's on) and lay clothes out for the next day (I have always done this and I can't stop)
9:20 Feed the cats and fish
9:25 Watch a little t.v. and enjoy some oreos and quiet momma time
9:45 Get in bed and watch some Shark Week - that stuff has got me addicted. I shouldn't watch but I can't help it!
10:00 - 10:30 Somewhere in there I fell asleep
12:00 Nathan wakes me up getting in bed - it was a late night at the fields!

One of our morning shots!

All ready to go!

Stay tuned for Tuesday...