Monday, August 22, 2011

Chores, Family, and Kardashians

No, that is not another Kardashian show coming out, that is what my weekend consisted of! I am off work on Fridays, and I have to pay Noah's sitter for Fridays whether he goes or not so I send him and clean house, do the grocery shopping, etc. while he isn't around. It is awesome to be able to get these things done before my weekend starts. So, through the week I will write things down I need to try to do on Fridays, otherwise I will think that sitting around and just clearing out space on the DVR is what I need to do! So, this Friday I went to Wal-Mart, cleaned out the refrigerator, cleaned and organized my bathroom drawers (they had become catch-alls), and detailed my car. I had clean the tubs on that list too, but after detailing my car when it was 102 degrees I decided that could wait until next Friday. So, I sat down to soak up a little air conditioning and relax before I went to get Noah. I watched the movie Jennifers Body - take it from me, don't waste your time. It was so stupid and went no where. I couldn't believe I even wasted my time on it. But the air conditioning felt nice anyway. After I got Noah we just had some Pasta Grill at home and went to be early. We were all wore out.

Daddy telling Noah bye - this is the look Noah gives him when he asks for a kiss!
Nathan was playing in a softball tournament in Paris Saturday so he left out Saturday morning while Noah and I hung around the house. We planned to catch a game in the afternoon just to get out of the house. While we were waiting at home to leave for Nathan's next game I got a text of a last minute going away dinner in Russellville for my oldest niece who is leaving for college the next day. So, I decided to try to squeeze it all in! Noah and I went and washed the car - which I learned terrifies him, and went to Paris to see Nathan. Noah ran all around the dirt parking lot playing with his football - it was so cute! Nathan and I were alternating walking around with him because it was so hot! We didn't get to watch any games because they were running behind, then it started raining, so Noah and I left.

Noah in the carwash - I had no idea he was so scared! I couldn't exactly get out or leave in the middle so he just had to tough it out - poor guy! :(
We drove to Russellville a way I had never been before, it took about 45 minutes. I was hoping Noah would nap, but nope. He still isn't big on being in the car, but Mickey Mouse DVDs seemed to help him not fuss as much. I have decided to just let him fuss it out in the car. There is really nothing I can do about it and he will have to ride in the car, and sometimes for long periods of time. Maybe he will just get used to it.

Mr. Handsome

We got to Russellville early so Noah and I went to Goody's to get something to wear to the dinner. I wasn't planning on us getting that hot and sweaty, then rained on at the game. We changed in the car and headed over to Umamis! Our table wasn't ready yet when we got there and there was 16 people in our party so I was worried about Noah making it through dinner since we were quickly approaching his bedtime, but he made it! He wasn't necessarily on his best behavior, but he did good considering we left the restaurant 30 minutes after his bedtime!

Me any my niece Tori - I cannot believe you are going away to college already!
(Sorry about the pictures - it was dark and they are phone pictures)

My sister Jaime, cousin Kristal, Tori, and I at Tori's dinner.

We got home and I quickly fed him and bathed him and put him to bed at 10:45 - but like clockwork he was up at 8:30 - he cannot sleep past that time no matter what time I put him to bed. Everyone tells me to keep him up later on the weekends and he will sleep better  - nope, not my Noah!

Where have I been?

Sunday we had a lazy day at home. Noah and I got up and after breakfast I stumbled upon a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon - and I could not stop watching. I finally just set the DVR to record them because I knew I wouldn't get to watch all the ones I wanted to right now. Since Kim Kardashian was getting married this weekend, they were all over tv. I am not sure why I didn't watch it before, I think the previews made them look very snobby and "to good", but when I watched it I loved them! They are all so funny and I love watching them together. In a weird way, they seem normal. I was about to drive Nathan crazy with the marathon I could tell, so we had to throw some Little League World Series and Swamp Loggers in there too, but he did watch some of them with me. He was laughing when he was watching it, but he claims to not care for it. I will have to work on him!

Noah has discovered his tongue, and after we brush it in the mornings, he won't put it away!

Other than that we had our Sunday visit from Nathan's parents and Nathan went and did some grocery shopping while Noah and I played in the yard.

It was a good weekend, full of all the things I love!

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