Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Different Kind of Proud

Pride is human nature. Everyone is proud of something about themselves, even if it is just something little. Don't get this confused with someone who brags about themselves. That I cannot stand. If you are good at something then I think others should say so, but I don't want to hear from you how amazing you are at something. I appreciate humbleness.

I am proud of my education and how hard I worked to get it. I am proud that I graduated from college early. I am proud that I survived my battle with infertility and didn't let it get the best of me or my marriage. I am proud that I was able to deliver Noah with no pain medicine whatsoever - even though that is not what I wanted at the time! I am proud of the home that we have and the life we lead. Then there is how proud I am of my parents, siblings, etc. The list goes on and on. It is crazy how none of that can compare to how proud I am of Noah.

Everyone gets told that you love your child like you have never loved anything else - but the pride thing came as a surprise to me. Seeing Noah learn something new is the most exciting and amazing thing to me. I knew he would learn to do things. I have 13 nieces and nephews that I have watched do their tricks for me when I see them. However, I can compare Noah learning a word to the same pride I have for me graduating college! One took 3 years, the other took a month - but both are awesome!

Noah is starting to repeat and mimic now and it is awesome. If I tell him "no, no" and point my finger at him, he will say it right back - finger and all! I watch him get in and out of his Little Tikes Truck and he shuts the door and opens it every time. He even turns the steering wheel and makes driving noises. He loves to climb on his gym in the living room and go down the slide. Every time we pull in our driveway at home after I pick him up from the babysitters he says "Dada" - he knows that is when we see Daddy again. He says "more" when he is hungry or thirsty and if we say "night night" he grabs his bear Blue and lays down. If someone else were to tell me their child did these things I would think it was cute - but when it is your own child and you have been there every day to see that there was a time, recently even, that they could not do this, it makes it just amazing to watch.

Noah is probably at a normal development in what he says (uh-oh, momma, dada, bye bye, night night, teeth, nose, more, puppy, kitty, papa, memaw, and daisy [his sitters dog] - this list grows daily) and what he does (walking, plays catch, climbs things, feeds himself, dances, peek-a-boo, blows kisses, waves hi and bye) but to watch a baby grow from needing you to do everything for them to being able to figure these things out is just awesome. Nathan and I are always talking about how smart Noah is (we are sort-pf proud parents) and even if someone told us he is just like every other one year old out there, I would still be proud of everything he can do and learns to do each day. I just love this whole Momma thing! :)

How did my baby go from this...

And this...

To this, so quickly?!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Noah's 1st Trip to the Zoo

My best friend Cassie lives in Denver and came down for a visit. She had only seen Noah on the day he was born and when he was 4 months old, so I was excited to show my pride and joy off to her. We had decided before she got here to meet up with as many friends as we could at the Little Rock Zoo while she was here. It is so hard to coordinate everyones schedules so we were only able to meet up with one other friend at the zoo. April and her son Kyler, step-son Kamden, and her mom met us there. April lives in Sherwood and goes to the zoo often so she was a good guide too!

Checking out the Monkeys

He loved the Monkeys!

Noah wanted to get his hands on that duck!

We had a great time! We went as early as we could all get together to make sure it wasn't too hot. There was alot of shade so that helped alot. I love hanging out with Cassie and April and hate that I don't get the chance to as often as I would like. We should work on that ladies! :)

Noah and the flamingos

This huge turtle walked right up to us!

Me and my squirrel!

After the zoo we stopped in the gift shop to get Noah something for his first zoo trip. I found him a stuffed snake (because he likes to throw things over his shoulder and drag things around) and some excavation equipment that was in animal print! They were so cute!

Aunt Cassie and her boys Noah and Kyler!

Noah's favorite thing at the zoo - the backhoe!

Cassie, Kyler, and April

Noah telling Aunt Cassie all about the penguins!

We then met another friend Courtney that wasn't able to get off work for the zoo trip for lunch. We went to Cracker Barrel and I was so glad we did. Nathan doesn't like that restaurant so it is rare I get to go there.

We tried to get a picture of Cassie and the boys and they both were sleep deprived and just wanted Momma!

Noah loves Aunt Cassie! :)

I love this - such sweet boys!

Noah and I got home in time for him to play in the floor with his new toys and me to watch a movie while soaking up some air conditioning. It was a nice day with great friends! I needed it!

Aunt Jessie Again!

Both of my brothers are having babies soon - ok, well their wives are, but you know what I mean. So, we had them a joint baby shower at my mom's house Sunday. We did a nursery rhyme theme and it really turned out cute. We had a Humpty Dumpty Cheeseball, Three Little Piggy Roast Beef Sandwiches, Rub-a-Dub Dub Three Men in a Tub (floating in the punch), Mary Mary Quite Contrary Vegetable Squares, and The Cow Jumping Over the Moon (cantaloupe slices).

Humpty Dumpty Cheeseball

Cake and Cake Balls

Everything looked great and there was a good turn out of friends and family.

My brother Jeremy and his wife Emily opening gifts

My brother Eli's wife Kesha opening gifts

After the shower we had a birthday party at my house for my Dad's 63rd birthday. We cooked ribs for the first time. I don't like ribs, so I left that up to Nathan. Everyone liked them but Nathan and he is really picky about his BBQ so I think they turned out good.

Me and sweet baby Payton (my brother's niece) that came to Dad's party with them!

Happy 63rd Birthday Dad!

We had a good family Sunday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Playing in the Dirt

My husband Nathan plays on a men's softball team. They try to play a few weekends a month, which is hard to do with all the busy schedules of the guys on the team. This last weekend they participated in the USSSA North Arkansas Class D State Tournament and ended up with 3rd place. It was pretty hot outside and they played all day - so I was very proud of them for getting 3rd place! There are still a few more tournaments to go this year - maybe they will do even better then! I love watching them play! Nathan has been playing for 2 years and we have no pictures of him playing (shocking for me, I know). So, here are some pictures from this weekend:

Josh getting ready to hit another homerun I'm sure :)

Nathan running the bases.

Nathan running the bases.

Caleb batting - I took all of these pictures through the fence - it was WAY too hot for me
to get out of the shade to take them!

Nathan batting.

Cory batting.

Taking a break in the shade in between games.

Nathan fielding

Giving the paparazzi the peace sign :)

Shaking hands after a win!

They were so hot and tired!

Back to the fields for another game!

I'm always seeing the beach pictures like this - this was my view for the day!

Nathan batting again - I kind of like him if you can't tell :)

One of my favorite parts - the story telling in between games!

Hot and tired!

By the end of the day - they were exhausted!
  It was a long hot Saturday - but a fun one!