Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Playing in the Dirt

My husband Nathan plays on a men's softball team. They try to play a few weekends a month, which is hard to do with all the busy schedules of the guys on the team. This last weekend they participated in the USSSA North Arkansas Class D State Tournament and ended up with 3rd place. It was pretty hot outside and they played all day - so I was very proud of them for getting 3rd place! There are still a few more tournaments to go this year - maybe they will do even better then! I love watching them play! Nathan has been playing for 2 years and we have no pictures of him playing (shocking for me, I know). So, here are some pictures from this weekend:

Josh getting ready to hit another homerun I'm sure :)

Nathan running the bases.

Nathan running the bases.

Caleb batting - I took all of these pictures through the fence - it was WAY too hot for me
to get out of the shade to take them!

Nathan batting.

Cory batting.

Taking a break in the shade in between games.

Nathan fielding

Giving the paparazzi the peace sign :)

Shaking hands after a win!

They were so hot and tired!

Back to the fields for another game!

I'm always seeing the beach pictures like this - this was my view for the day!

Nathan batting again - I kind of like him if you can't tell :)

One of my favorite parts - the story telling in between games!

Hot and tired!

By the end of the day - they were exhausted!
  It was a long hot Saturday - but a fun one!

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