Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

We spend most every Memorial Day weekend the same way: family reunion and celebrating our wedding anniversary. My grandma's side of the family always has her reunion on the Sunday of Memorial weekend. Nathan had to work, so I loaded up the kids and headed out to the reunion. Someone mentioned the beach as soon as we got there and Noah HAD to go right then. It was hot, Ryan was sleepy, and everyone was ready to go after about 20 minutes and my back-up (aka: Dada) wasn't there, so I knew I needed to head back too. Noah did not agree with me and let me, and everyone know it! I mean everyone! As I was forcing him to walk back to the reunion with me he told everyone he saw that "my momma mean me" - it was awesome. I finally got him calmed down, but it took a little while - poor thing just wanted to play.

Headed to the beach

Monday was me and Nathan's 7th wedding anniversary. Nathan's mom volunteered to watch the kids so we could go out. We decided on a day date of lunch, movie, and a little shopping. Nathan surprised me with yellow roses and a card waiting for me in the car when we left - it was so sweet. We then went to TGI Fridays - our favorite restaurant! We then went shopping - Nathan said he would buy me some new things I had been wanting for our anniversary. I am constantly finding things I want, but don't buy them to save money. Well, the time I have the option to pretty much buy whatever, I cannot find anything I want! The store I buy my jeans from had none I liked - the poor salesgirl tried hard, but she wasn't a good listener. I told her I wanted dark wash, no fading, no holes, no pockets on the butt - and every pair she brought me had one, or all of these things. Wanted a new pair of sandals but couldn't find any I liked. Didn't see any purses or wallets I liked - I need a new one of each of those badly! I found 1 pair of clearance flip flops and that was it. I was really disappointed - I am a shopper, this never happens to me!

We went to watch Fast & Furious 6 - and I will admit, I had low expectations for #6 in the series, I mean what else can really happen? Well, I was pleasantly surprised! It did have a few corny parts, but it was overall a good movie! We were ready to get home to our babies - when we walked in Noah yelled "Momma, you came back, I'm so proud of you!" and ran and gave me a hug! Seriously, it doesn't get much better than that. Well, my mother-in-law did our laundry while we were gone- that helps make it better :)

7 years down, many more to go! I'm not feeling the 7 year itch so I think we are good :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Making Noah's 3 year old dreams come true...

When I asked Noah what he wanted for his birthday, he told me 2 things - a "swing slide" (swing set) and to go to the zoo. We took care of the swing set already so I had to plan a zoo trip for the boy. We had went to the Little Rock Zoo in March so I wanted to try out the drive-thru safari I had heard about. So, I made a plan and told all the family if they wanted to go to tag along - we had a few takers :)

The first part is a petting zoo made up of 4 areas. Noah got to pet and feed pigs, goats, deer, kangaroos, a giraffe, llama, emu, sphinx, and he held a ferret. He was in heaven! He was just running around from animal to animal petting, feeding, and calling them "good boys". He rode a camel and a horse too - you couldn't wipe the smile off his face! We then had a picnic lunch and got ready for the drive-thru safari.

The day before we went to the safari Noah and I watched Jurassic Park - not the wisest choice. While we were driving through seeing animals we normally don't ever see, just roaming around right beside the car, it felt too much like Jurassic Park. I was freaking out a little. These Rheas (ostrich looking birds, only evil looking) kept coming up looking like they wanted to eat me and Noah. I had to go all momma bear on them and roll my window up - while Nathan was laughing at me and trying to roll it down - the brat. I'm telling you, the bird wanted to eat me and Noah, I could see it in it's evil eyes! We saw (to name a few) bison, camels, zebra, hippos, rhinos, alligators, lions, tigers, panthers, bears, pigs, cows, deer, elk, and monkeys. It was awesome!

At the end of the safari, Noah said "I'm tired, need to go nite nite" and just fell asleep! He was worn out! I liked this safari, it was nice to be able to sit in the air conditioning and ride around looking at the animals. The petting zoo was a lot of fun too. I am still a fan of the other zoo too though, but glad to have the option to do either. On the way home, Noah informed me that he was happy and thanked me - mission accomplished :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Noah Atlee Stillwell is 3!

My amazing blessing turned 3 yesterday! Since his birthday was on a Tuesday, we ended up celebrating for a few days in a row :) We had Noah's party at a jump place, and I must say, that is the way to go! No set-up, no clean-up, just show up! Noah had SO much fun playing with his friends and bouncing around - he just loves to run and play. He wanted a Lion King cake, and it turned out perfect! He was SO excited! He was spoiled with lots of new toys and played with them all when we got home!

On Noah's actual birthday we took cupcakes ("geen tuptakes are my favorite") to his daycare and he had a little party. I picked him up early so we could take his picture with the hotel sign that put his birthday on it and get him a Happy Meal :) We had his cousin Elizas kindergarten graduation that night so we went home so he could open his presents from us before we went.


Good Morning Noah - you are 3!

When we got home, he played with his new toys and we put a candle in one of his leftover cupcakes and sang to him one more time :) When we were saying his prayers that night, he stopped me and said "wait a minute, I growing up Momma"  :(

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah - I love you more than you will ever know!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ryan Maelynn is 8 Months!

It's that time again! Here are this months highlights:

* She weighs around 18 pounds and is 28 inches long

*She is still nursing when she is with me. She has slowed down on her milk drinking a lot - so I am more than keeping up with her now! She drinks around 12 ounces a day and 1 jar of baby food at the sitters during the day, then I feed her 10.5 ounces of baby food and nurse her before bed at night. She still loves baby food and kicks her legs and throws her arms when she sees the spoon coming! I have found that she is not a fan of the ham though!

* Ryan is either going through a growth spurt or teething or both, but she is now going to sleep at 8:00 and getting up between 4:00 - 6:00 to eat and then back to sleep until about 7:30. That is still not a bad sleep schedule, but she spoiled me by sleeping so much and I miss it, but this too shall pass!

* She is now in size 3 diapers, and size 4 night diapers. She sleeps too long for a normal diaper to hold up.

* She is in 9-12 month clothes and size 2 shoes still, we may be getting closer to size 3 shoes!

* She still loves to bounce - she is bouncing up and down when I hold her all the time! She still loves her bouncer and is getting into her play table a lot more now. She is also getting the hang of the walker, she mainly goes backwards but she can go forwards sometimes.

* She still has NO interest in crawling or pulling herself up on things. Lazy little diva.

* She has 4 teeth :) Both bottoms and tops are in! She has started munching on some puffs!

* She isn't talking real words yet, but she will babble your head off!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Momma Day!

We celebrated Mother's day by starting out with church. Ryan apparently didn't want to be away from me this Mother's Day and the church nursery had to page me at about 20 minutes in to service - she just wanted her momma :) We took a few pictures under the same tree in the yard that I took pictures with Noah on my first Mother's day.

After church we went to the park to celebrate Mother's day with my family. One of us kids usually hosts, but with all the little kids we have right now I thought the park would be a good place. We went to a park that I didn't figure would be too busy and I was right. It was so nice! We had finger foods - gave my mom her gifts and the kids played for hours. Then we headed home to work on Noah's swing set - it has came together so easy and fast. So far we have 5 hours in it and all that is left is to move it to it's final place and attach the slide and hang the swings! We heard so many bad stories I was worried - but it went so well! I am thankful to have a husband who is good at assembling things and had all the right tools to make it easier. I was worried we wouldn't have it done by his birthday!

All the park stuff and he wants to play in this big stick pile!

4 generations :)

Me and Momma on Mother's Day

Almost Done!

Now I am going to plug Valentines Day a little. Yes, Valentine's Day. I know it is May, but hear me out. I was thinking about it and I kept seeing people hating on Valentines Day because it is a "made-up holiday" and "my husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend makes me feel special every day so we don't need a special holiday to feel loved" - well what about Mother's Day and Father's Day then? Do we make our parents feel loved every day? No, probably not. So it is nice to have a special day to celebrate them extra special or to celebrate love extra - like Valentine's day. In my family growing up we did every holiday big and I like it that way. I will be doing that for my kids also - not everyone makes it another year so every birthday will be special; not everyone feels loved so Valentines will be special; not everyone is a mom or dad so those days will be special also. Life is more fun when celebrated!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WonderFULL Weekend - see what I did there? ;)

I was still getting over being sick, as was Nathan and Noah is still battling allergies so we didn't have much planned for Saturday. While Ryan was napping my dad called and said they were at the new HogWild Jump center in town and wanted us to come join them, so as soon as Ryan woke up we headed over. I was impressed with how nice the place looked. It was all very clean and organized. My only complaint was some of the workers seemed to be a little overly-strict, but I am sure that is what they were told to do, especially due to liability issues. Noah had a blast! He was running around like crazy the whole time and never stopped smiling! I may see a season pass here in our future!

He hit the ball every time! Never missed - he got that from his  Momma ;)

Look that that sweaty head and red cheeks!

After our time was up there we decided to go out to eat and head home to watch a movie. Noah, who never sleeps in the car (yes, all you people who say just put your kid in the car and they will fall asleep - they do not all fall asleep) actually fell asleep he was so tired from jumping - of course he waited until we were 2 minutes from the house to do so! He actually stayed asleep while Nathan carried him in the house - he must have been really tired - this was a first!

They are both at good restaurant stages - we are taking advantage of it while it lasts!

Worn smooth out!
Sunday we went to The Wonder Place in Little Rock for our friends Courtney and Justin's sons Liam and Desmonds birthday party. That place is awesome! Noah was in heaven and Ryan had fun too. They had a water table (even a baby seat for Ryan to play in), puppet/dress up area, tree house, vet/doctor area, supermarket, kitchen, art studio, sand table, gigantic blocks, legos, and a tumbling area! I wish this place were closer and we would be there all the time! Since we were there for a birthday party there was no one else there but the party guests and it was so nice!

Daddy flashing back to his Ok Food Market days :)

Dr. Noah checking out Baby Ryan :)

We had a nice weekend and Noah got to enjoy some special play time. I also think we are all almost well again - knock on wood!