Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

We spend most every Memorial Day weekend the same way: family reunion and celebrating our wedding anniversary. My grandma's side of the family always has her reunion on the Sunday of Memorial weekend. Nathan had to work, so I loaded up the kids and headed out to the reunion. Someone mentioned the beach as soon as we got there and Noah HAD to go right then. It was hot, Ryan was sleepy, and everyone was ready to go after about 20 minutes and my back-up (aka: Dada) wasn't there, so I knew I needed to head back too. Noah did not agree with me and let me, and everyone know it! I mean everyone! As I was forcing him to walk back to the reunion with me he told everyone he saw that "my momma mean me" - it was awesome. I finally got him calmed down, but it took a little while - poor thing just wanted to play.

Headed to the beach

Monday was me and Nathan's 7th wedding anniversary. Nathan's mom volunteered to watch the kids so we could go out. We decided on a day date of lunch, movie, and a little shopping. Nathan surprised me with yellow roses and a card waiting for me in the car when we left - it was so sweet. We then went to TGI Fridays - our favorite restaurant! We then went shopping - Nathan said he would buy me some new things I had been wanting for our anniversary. I am constantly finding things I want, but don't buy them to save money. Well, the time I have the option to pretty much buy whatever, I cannot find anything I want! The store I buy my jeans from had none I liked - the poor salesgirl tried hard, but she wasn't a good listener. I told her I wanted dark wash, no fading, no holes, no pockets on the butt - and every pair she brought me had one, or all of these things. Wanted a new pair of sandals but couldn't find any I liked. Didn't see any purses or wallets I liked - I need a new one of each of those badly! I found 1 pair of clearance flip flops and that was it. I was really disappointed - I am a shopper, this never happens to me!

We went to watch Fast & Furious 6 - and I will admit, I had low expectations for #6 in the series, I mean what else can really happen? Well, I was pleasantly surprised! It did have a few corny parts, but it was overall a good movie! We were ready to get home to our babies - when we walked in Noah yelled "Momma, you came back, I'm so proud of you!" and ran and gave me a hug! Seriously, it doesn't get much better than that. Well, my mother-in-law did our laundry while we were gone- that helps make it better :)

7 years down, many more to go! I'm not feeling the 7 year itch so I think we are good :)

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