Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WonderFULL Weekend - see what I did there? ;)

I was still getting over being sick, as was Nathan and Noah is still battling allergies so we didn't have much planned for Saturday. While Ryan was napping my dad called and said they were at the new HogWild Jump center in town and wanted us to come join them, so as soon as Ryan woke up we headed over. I was impressed with how nice the place looked. It was all very clean and organized. My only complaint was some of the workers seemed to be a little overly-strict, but I am sure that is what they were told to do, especially due to liability issues. Noah had a blast! He was running around like crazy the whole time and never stopped smiling! I may see a season pass here in our future!

He hit the ball every time! Never missed - he got that from his  Momma ;)

Look that that sweaty head and red cheeks!

After our time was up there we decided to go out to eat and head home to watch a movie. Noah, who never sleeps in the car (yes, all you people who say just put your kid in the car and they will fall asleep - they do not all fall asleep) actually fell asleep he was so tired from jumping - of course he waited until we were 2 minutes from the house to do so! He actually stayed asleep while Nathan carried him in the house - he must have been really tired - this was a first!

They are both at good restaurant stages - we are taking advantage of it while it lasts!

Worn smooth out!
Sunday we went to The Wonder Place in Little Rock for our friends Courtney and Justin's sons Liam and Desmonds birthday party. That place is awesome! Noah was in heaven and Ryan had fun too. They had a water table (even a baby seat for Ryan to play in), puppet/dress up area, tree house, vet/doctor area, supermarket, kitchen, art studio, sand table, gigantic blocks, legos, and a tumbling area! I wish this place were closer and we would be there all the time! Since we were there for a birthday party there was no one else there but the party guests and it was so nice!

Daddy flashing back to his Ok Food Market days :)

Dr. Noah checking out Baby Ryan :)

We had a nice weekend and Noah got to enjoy some special play time. I also think we are all almost well again - knock on wood!

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