Monday, May 13, 2013

Momma Day!

We celebrated Mother's day by starting out with church. Ryan apparently didn't want to be away from me this Mother's Day and the church nursery had to page me at about 20 minutes in to service - she just wanted her momma :) We took a few pictures under the same tree in the yard that I took pictures with Noah on my first Mother's day.

After church we went to the park to celebrate Mother's day with my family. One of us kids usually hosts, but with all the little kids we have right now I thought the park would be a good place. We went to a park that I didn't figure would be too busy and I was right. It was so nice! We had finger foods - gave my mom her gifts and the kids played for hours. Then we headed home to work on Noah's swing set - it has came together so easy and fast. So far we have 5 hours in it and all that is left is to move it to it's final place and attach the slide and hang the swings! We heard so many bad stories I was worried - but it went so well! I am thankful to have a husband who is good at assembling things and had all the right tools to make it easier. I was worried we wouldn't have it done by his birthday!

All the park stuff and he wants to play in this big stick pile!

4 generations :)

Me and Momma on Mother's Day

Almost Done!

Now I am going to plug Valentines Day a little. Yes, Valentine's Day. I know it is May, but hear me out. I was thinking about it and I kept seeing people hating on Valentines Day because it is a "made-up holiday" and "my husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend makes me feel special every day so we don't need a special holiday to feel loved" - well what about Mother's Day and Father's Day then? Do we make our parents feel loved every day? No, probably not. So it is nice to have a special day to celebrate them extra special or to celebrate love extra - like Valentine's day. In my family growing up we did every holiday big and I like it that way. I will be doing that for my kids also - not everyone makes it another year so every birthday will be special; not everyone feels loved so Valentines will be special; not everyone is a mom or dad so those days will be special also. Life is more fun when celebrated!

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