Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Noah Atlee Stillwell is 3!

My amazing blessing turned 3 yesterday! Since his birthday was on a Tuesday, we ended up celebrating for a few days in a row :) We had Noah's party at a jump place, and I must say, that is the way to go! No set-up, no clean-up, just show up! Noah had SO much fun playing with his friends and bouncing around - he just loves to run and play. He wanted a Lion King cake, and it turned out perfect! He was SO excited! He was spoiled with lots of new toys and played with them all when we got home!

On Noah's actual birthday we took cupcakes ("geen tuptakes are my favorite") to his daycare and he had a little party. I picked him up early so we could take his picture with the hotel sign that put his birthday on it and get him a Happy Meal :) We had his cousin Elizas kindergarten graduation that night so we went home so he could open his presents from us before we went.


Good Morning Noah - you are 3!

When we got home, he played with his new toys and we put a candle in one of his leftover cupcakes and sang to him one more time :) When we were saying his prayers that night, he stopped me and said "wait a minute, I growing up Momma"  :(

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah - I love you more than you will ever know!

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