Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Making Noah's 3 year old dreams come true...

When I asked Noah what he wanted for his birthday, he told me 2 things - a "swing slide" (swing set) and to go to the zoo. We took care of the swing set already so I had to plan a zoo trip for the boy. We had went to the Little Rock Zoo in March so I wanted to try out the drive-thru safari I had heard about. So, I made a plan and told all the family if they wanted to go to tag along - we had a few takers :)

The first part is a petting zoo made up of 4 areas. Noah got to pet and feed pigs, goats, deer, kangaroos, a giraffe, llama, emu, sphinx, and he held a ferret. He was in heaven! He was just running around from animal to animal petting, feeding, and calling them "good boys". He rode a camel and a horse too - you couldn't wipe the smile off his face! We then had a picnic lunch and got ready for the drive-thru safari.

The day before we went to the safari Noah and I watched Jurassic Park - not the wisest choice. While we were driving through seeing animals we normally don't ever see, just roaming around right beside the car, it felt too much like Jurassic Park. I was freaking out a little. These Rheas (ostrich looking birds, only evil looking) kept coming up looking like they wanted to eat me and Noah. I had to go all momma bear on them and roll my window up - while Nathan was laughing at me and trying to roll it down - the brat. I'm telling you, the bird wanted to eat me and Noah, I could see it in it's evil eyes! We saw (to name a few) bison, camels, zebra, hippos, rhinos, alligators, lions, tigers, panthers, bears, pigs, cows, deer, elk, and monkeys. It was awesome!

At the end of the safari, Noah said "I'm tired, need to go nite nite" and just fell asleep! He was worn out! I liked this safari, it was nice to be able to sit in the air conditioning and ride around looking at the animals. The petting zoo was a lot of fun too. I am still a fan of the other zoo too though, but glad to have the option to do either. On the way home, Noah informed me that he was happy and thanked me - mission accomplished :)

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