Friday, May 3, 2013

"Momma Sick"

We all know there is a difference in a "Man Cold" and a "Woman Cold" but a "Momma Cold" beats them all! With a "Man Cold" the man is laid up and cannot take care of anything, including himself. With a "Woman Cold" she still manages to take care of things, just may whine a little, but stuff still gets done! Then there is the "Momma Cold" - Mommas have to not only take care of work things and house things, but keep kids alive too. This is no easy task with a busy husband. Nathan owns his own business so while that has perks, it has drawbacks also. So, since it is daylight longer he is having to work until dark to get things done while it is not raining. So, I have been feeling (and looking) like death for a week now and having to take care of everything on my own. Nathan has helped some, when he got home in time, and I know the last thing he wants to do after working until 9:00 is come home and wash kids or pick up toys, but it has to be done. For the first time in a week it doesn't feel like I am swallowing razor blades and my nose has almost stopped bleeding, so I think I am finally on the mend (I hope). I have not taken any medicine since I am nursing Ryan - I am always afraid whatever I take will be the next legal commercial saying "did you take this drug while pregnant or breastfeeding? You child will now grow and extra limb" or whatever those crazy things say. So, I drank a ton of orange juice and took some vitamins and pushed through. "I otay, I tuff" as Noah would say.

Speaking of things Noah says - he is such a repeater, it is so funny. He keeps saying "Sorry you sick momma" and "I sad you sick, you need get better, you need a dam-baid (band-aid)" - he hears me say these things to him all the time. Everything he eats is "dewishus" (delicious) and he is constantly saying "I love you so much". He is awesome.

I got a text from Wal-Mart saying Noah's present was there and ready to be picked up:

I read reviews when I was picking one out and this one had an average of 6-8 hours of assembly time that people were reporting, which isn't too bad. But, when I posted this picture on Facebook it got nothing but bad experiences posted! Yikes! Well, I am hoping we can get it put together reasonably quick (my goal is 2 days - depending on child care and weather) and us not kill each other in the process.  Nathan is good at building things and I am good at reading directions, so hopefully we will make a good team. We shall see! When you are a parent, you do things you don't always want to just to see your kid smile.

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