Monday, September 18, 2017

Ryan is 5!

We celebrated Ryan's birthday last Sunday with a Moana themed swim party at our local indoor pool. I tried to keep the decorations simple since we would only be in the party room about 45 minutes before hitting up the pool and I was very happy with how it all turned out. So many friends and family showed up and help decorate, love on and celebrate Ryan and then undecorate and pack up. It was all so smooth and easy and Ryan said it was the best party ever :)

Love how the centerpieces turned out!

My sister Jayla came in from Tulsa to celebrate Ryan and brought 3 of her granddaughters!

Thursday was Ryan's actual birthday. I let her open a few gifts that morning - Descendants and Descendants 2 and a Descendant's Uma necklace (she is now obsessed with Descendants apparently). She took a birthday snack to daycare for all the kids to share and celebrate. I picked her up early so we could head to Toys R Us to spend her birthday cash and go to Chuck E. Cheese as soon as Noah got out of school.

Finally 5!!

Cookie party at Daycare!

Ryan has been such a blessing to my life. She taught me really quick that 2 totally different kids can come from the same parents. She is feisty, sweet, crabby, funny, beautiful, crazy, wild and amazing all in a little blue eyed blonde haired package. How my baby is already 5 is beyond me. Happy Ryan Day everyone!

Monday, September 11, 2017

House Blessings, Racing & Soccer

Friday was a first for me. My friend Alicia is building a new home and asked her friends to come by and bless the home by writing some of our favorite scriptures on the boards before they were covered. I was so honored to be able to do this. I chose to write one over their front door and one in the living room. Plus, Alicia let the kids write too. Ryan made a drawing and signed it and Noah found where the fireplace is going and drew a fire breathing dragon to go behind it - it was perfect!! After the blessings we had so much fun watching the kids dance and play together. The kids all love eachother and really love asking Alexa to play music and tell us jokes, over and over and over. (And over!)

Ryans drawing and signature :)
Noah's fire breathing dragon for the fireplace (he even wrote HOT by the flames) :)

Saturday was a busy fun day! Noah went with his Meme to run a 5K and Ryan went to her cousin Paxtons house for a play date while I went to shop and work at Rhea Lanas. I found some great things for the kids this year. I didn't find much for Noah last year, so I was so happy to see a lot of good quality stuff in his size at a good price this year. I never have trouble finding Ryan stuff - they always have a ton of cute girls stuff. 72 items later and it was off to lunch with Alicia. She is a Rhea Lana newbie so we had to have lunch and make a game plan :) I went back and worked some at Rhea Lanas before I had to head to buy party food and pick up kids.

Sunday was a long day so we will just talk about half now and the rest later. After church it was time for the kids first soccer games of the season! I am assistant coach on Noah's team (which I don't do much on the field assisting, I am more of a handling getting the kids to practice on the right day and time and doing half time devotionals kind of coach). Noah started out doing really well, but lost interest before the game was over. He hates when people yell at him from the sidelines, but he is picking grass and not paying attention, so the of course that warrants yelling, so it is just something I am trying to work on with him. Ryan did really well in her game, but then ran over crying because she just wanted to go to her birthday party :) We did have to leave early from her game for her party, but she managed to make some good plays before we did.

Love my #8

Yes, Ryan is that much taller than all the other kids her age!

Next up is Ryan's party and actual birthday with some more soccer, ballet, football and basketball thrown in between!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Birthdays, Leap! and Labor Day

We celebrated two of our favorite ladies birthdays Saturday.  First was Kadience  - she and Noah have managed to be in the same class for all 3 years of school so far! I just love that funny girl and we had a great time at her swimming party.

After that it was home to get ready to celebrate one of my best friends Amber. Amber is just one of those good people who will (and has) literally been there for everything in your life - bad or good! We started our evening with an Escape Room - which we totally rocked with zero hints! What can I say, my escape room game was strong that day ;) Then it was off to dinner at Venezia's. I had never been there before and was pleasantly surprised with how good it all was. Pasta, wine, cheesecake and laughs (so many laughs) was the perfect way to celebrate Amber!

After church Sunday the kids and I went to Cracker Barrel to eat and cash my birthday gift card get some fall candles. I am itching to decorate for fall and these cooler temperatures haven't helped much - so I think this weekend it may just happen. That afternoon the kids and I went to see Leap! Ryan has been dying to see it since it was about ballet and it was really cute. She immediately wanted to put a tutu on when we got home and danced all evening!

Monday was Labor Day and we had zero plans. My friend Alicia invited us over for a cookout and go kart rides and it was so much fun! The kids loved going fast in the go-kart and it scared me to death! An added bonus to this was once we got home I realized the only thing left on our summer bucket list was to ride go-carts - so we checked that off just in time! That evening was soccer practice. Both kids are excited to get back into the swing of soccer. Noah had a rough practice, he is just really hard on himself so I am hoping we can work through that soon and he will enjoy this season like he did last year.

Now we are starting football and waiting to hear who Ryan's basketball coach will be to add that in with ballet and soccer. Now for a weekend full of Rhea Lanas, our first soccer games and Ryan's birthday party!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Back to Fun - School, Fair & Volunteering!

Noah started the second grade! The second grade is in a new building, so Noah was pretty nervous. Luckily he had 5 kids in his class from last year so that helped. I walked him in on the first day and he was all smiles when I left him! He said his first day was great and each day of the week seemed to be better and better.

Thursday night it was time to go to the Fair! The kids literally ask me at least once a month when the fair will be here again so I was glad it was finally time! We got there at 6:00 which is when the armbands start. Each year the armbands are more and more of a good deal as the kids grow and can ride more rides. We picked a good night to go since my brother and his family were there, my mother-in law came, my best friends Alicia and Talen were there, and my nephew Paxton also came - he and Ryan became quick riding buddies. Noah seemed bored on the kiddy rides so we separated and I took him to ride all the big rides. I am not big on Fair rides, the whole folding up on the back of a truck thing scares me, but I try to overlook it so Noah can have fun! We rode rides and played games and looked at farm animals and before we knew it, it was 9:00! The weather was perfect and the lines were short so it was just the perfect night to make some memories.

Finally it was Friday and not just any Friday - back to volunteering Friday! Oh how I missed my time in the volunteer room with my Friday girls! I got to put the new message on the blackboard (a job I got nominated for last year and have come to really enjoy it). Noah is not in the Primary anymore but I decided to still volunteer there in the mornings before Noah's lunch and then if the elementary needed anything I could help there after lunch. The principal at the Primary was glad to have his Friday girls back for the 3rd year in a row! It felt so weird going to the elementary to eat. I didn't know where to go or anything - it was like my first day of school! :)  It was interesting to see how much more independence they give the kids at the elementary school - they got to choose what they wanted to eat, throw all their trash away alone and got to face other students and visit through lunch.

Our first elementary lunch together :)

My niece Alex spent the weekend with us. We love having Alex over - she is a great house guest and the kids love her! All the other cousins have their work cut out to make favorite now - Alex not only plays Minecraft with Noah, but she knows what she is doing! Noah was so excited and hasn't stopped talking about it since!

Saturday evening we went on a walk with my mom and her dogs. I went for a walk earlier in the week and didn't see a single mosquito. It was a totally different story Saturday! The mosquitoes were so bad that we would swat and kill 5 at a time. So we ended up taking the long way back to the car to avoid the heavy mosquito areas - but the long way also had 2 big hills! We were all very "well exercised" as the kids say :)

Sunday we had lunch with my mom after church and then spent the day at home cleaning house and working on Rhea Lanas. I got everything divided by side and tagged. Now I just have to enter it in the computer this week.

Ryan's selfie :)

Gravy goatee :)

Now for a pretty calm week before the basketball, flag football and 2 soccer teams start - oh plus ballet and school and work. It is a good thing I love being busy!