Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Movies, Baseball and a Kayak!

Our Fun Friday consisted of a matinee to see the new Transformers movie. I wasn't sure how this would go. Noah loves Transformers, Ryan insisted she wanted to go and I love Mark Wahlberg so we decided to give it a try even though the movie was over two and a half hours long. It turned out pretty good - Noah loved it and paid attention the whole time, luckily I thought to bring Ryan's ipod and ear phones so she watched that for a while when she was not into the movie and I got to stare at my boyfriend for a few hours :) We had planned some outdoor things for after the movie but ended up having to cancel since it started storming. We decided to have dinner at the Country Club - the kids loved running around and playing and going on golf cart rides and the food was really good.

Noah's last ball game was Saturday. He says he loves to play and has his moments where he does pretty well, but he does not concentrate very well and was only able to get one hit off the machine all year. He did hit really well on the tee though, but his t-ball  games are officially over now. I will miss getting to watch him play each week, but I am glad it is over before the weather gets really hot.

After the game we went to Ft. Smith so I could finally get to eat at Texas Roadhouse - which I have been craving for 6 months. Then we went to get my birthday present from Nathan - a kayak! I really enjoyed kayaking last year at my friends bachelorette party but haven't got to do it since. I decided to get a kayak for my birthday and make it happen. I am also wanting to get some kayaks for the kids so I can help them get more used to it and hopefully go float with them in a few years. After going back and forth between the stores I finally picked one. I am not crazy about it being being yellow - but that way my friends can find me if I get lost ;)

Sunday we went to church and lunch then the kids and I went home to clean house and play while Nathan golfed. Then we all went to see Cars 3 - it was such a cute movie and of course the kids are begging to go back and see it again.

Ryan was not loving the sun and refused to take a picture - but Noah can always push through ;)

This week is looking like a normal summer week - baseball awards, golfing, swimming, kayaking, family dinner night and whatever else we can squeeze in!

Thursday, June 22, 2017


So, over the last week I have been thoroughly celebrated for my birthday. My family included me in a party a few weeks ago (we combine a few months of birthdays altogether since we have such a large family). Then Nathan asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told him just a day with him shopping and out to eat. So, last Friday we had a day in Conway together. Then on my actual birthday Nathan took me to dinner and a movie. The day after my birthday my work took me on the traditional shopping and out to eat trip complete with gifts!

(Warning - this is where it gets a little sappy) :) But this year something different also happened - I had some very special ladies that I have gotten close to over the last few years plan me a special birthday lunch. This may sound like no big deal or a usual thing among friends, but this is the first time I have had this. My best friend lives in Hawaii and it has been a while since we have been anywhere close to each other on our birthdays. So, when I had friends get a secret group message going to plan a day and time and even get me a massage gift certificate (Alicia - I still may cry about that one) and pie - well, let's just say I was a little overwhelmed. I have been really busy raising kids the last few years that I have not had much of a social life to even really make good friends, but Noah starting school gave me the opportunity to do so and I am so thankful for it!

There are so many texts, inside jokes, belly laughs, crying on each others shoulders, mom story sharing, shocked looks, late night texts between us that I always look forward to any time I can get together with them. And we even added new memories at this lunch when we were informed the restaurant has "transitioned away from bread" (who does that?) and Amber pulled a Dine and Dash!

So, I may be late to the friend party but I am so glad that I have these ladies in my life now!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Football Camp ~ VBS ~ Father's Day

Last week was full of some fun summer camp/schools. First off was football camp for Noah. This was the first time they had football camp available for 2nd graders so we were excited to expose him a little to the sport and see how he did. It was only a 2 day camp but it was packed full of fun! Noah loved it and said he learned how to tackle, throw, "kick of that little thing with 3 points on it" and how to be part of a team. He was so sad it was over and has not stopped talking about it since.

Noah was one of the winners of the "Mean Face" competition at football camp :)

Overlapping with football camp in the evenings was Vacation Bible School. Our church does not have a VBS so I had the kids go to one of our friends church this time. Noah was really nervous when I went to drop him off and Ryan was of course ready to go no problem. That is just how those two are. Luckily Noah was fine by the end and had no problem the next day. One of my good friends was with both of my kids and sent me the cutest pictures  - they had the best time!

Noah and Ryan are on the front right - a little excited :)

Duck - Duck - Goose :)
Noah was loving being on stage singing and dancing to Praise music :)

Sunday was Father's Day. For the third year in a row we all met at Byrd's Riverfront Restaurant for lunch and swimming in the river. I am so glad the kids are big enough to get in without me now because that water was a little chilly after all the rain we have gotten lately. I loved just sitting on the rocks with family and watching the kids play with their cousins in the water - it is one of my happy places.

This is actually going to be a slow week besides the end of Noah's baseball games we are hoping to fit in some pool time.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Me, Momma and the Pioneer Woman

For Mother's Day this year I gave my mom some Pioneer Woman stuff and also told her I was taking her to visit the Pioneer Woman Mercantile and Ranch! We had to wait a few weeks to get a clear schedule and make sure the ranch was open for tours. Last weekend was finally time!

We took off and drove straight to our hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bartlesville which was about 25 minutes from the Mercantile. They had a Pioneer Woman special rate so it was nice to get such a good deal on a nice hotel. After checking in we went straight to the Mercantile to shop and eat.  As soon as we got there, Ladd (aka: Marlboro Man) was greeting people and taking pictures with people as they came in. He was very nice and showed us where things were to get started.  We shopped a little and then got in line for food - the wait was about an hour and the line was outside. Luckily they gave out umbrellas to keep us cool while we waited. We just happened to get in line with a couple that lived about 20 miles from us so that gave us plenty to talk about on our wait. Our food was amazing! I had homemade chicken strips and twice baked potato and mom had steak.

After dinner we headed back to Bartlesville to go to the mall to shop for Father's Day and Ryan a dress for her upcoming pageant. We found all the stuff we needed and then something even better happened! There was a Gap in this mall and they overheard me talking about my Gap stuff being stolen while we were in Branson. When I checked out they gave me huge discounts on everything I got to help me replace the stuff that was stolen. I could have cried! I obviously loved Gap before but now I am an even bigger fan! After our shopping we headed back to the hotel where we got snacks from the lobby and watched HGTV until we both fell asleep :)

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast at the hotel. Then we packed up the car and headed to the Mercantile to finish shopping and head to the ranch for a tour. The Mercantile was a LOT busier Friday than Saturday. I mean the line to check out Friday had 5 people in it, the line Saturday had at least 30. So, I got a little creative. There was no one in the gift wrapping line, so I decided to pay $2 and have my stuff I was buying put in a gift bag and didn't have to wait in line at all! That is why I get paid the big bucks ;) My mom bought me all the things I wanted there for my birthday coming up - so I guess this was a Mother's Day, my birthday, memory making trip :)

New plates for my plate rack

I fell in love with this canvas!

I had to have these adorable measuring cups!

A t-shirt and necklace purchase were a must ;)

The ranch was about a 30 minute drive from the Mercantile. It wouldn't have taken so long but a majority of the drive was on a dirt road and that takes longer. The view from the Lodge was just amazing! The Lodge itself was amazing too! I love the country rustic style and the way it had feminine decorations in it too made it just perfect. Plus, it had the pantry of my dreams! I even got to love on Ree's sweet puppy Walter on our way out. It was a perfect visit!

View from the Lodge

My dream pantry!

We got back home Saturday evening just in time for me to get to see the kids and work on Father's Day crafts with them before bed. Sunday, after church, we had a birthday party for me niece Marley, niece Savannah and myself at my brother's house. I am 29 and holding :) After the party we went and spent some time at the country club - we all swam and Nathan golfed a little.

Noah blew my candles out before I could finish my wish!

Make your own emoji cupcakes :)

Now for a busy week of baseball games, football camp, vacation bible school and Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fun Friday, Parties and Swim Lessons!

The kids and I kicked off our first "Fun Friday" of the summer with pottery painting. Noah chose a Transformer and Ryan chose a horse (again). They both painted Daddy a little something for Father's Day also. I can't wait to see the results after they are cooked in the kiln.

After painting we did a little shopping for Ryan's pageant and Father's Day but had no luck with either. So, we just had lunch at Dixie Cafe and headed home so we could go watch my nephew Greyson play his last baseball game of the year. (Well, technically I watched the game, the kids played on the playground)

Saturday was a very popular day around here. There were lots of things we were invited to so we had to just choose a few. First was Noah's ball pictures and game. We got done just before the day full of rain started. Ryan and I got shirts made to cheer Noah on with - they turned out great!

After the game we all went home and changed from our sweaty clothes and headed to my nephew Paxton's birthday party at the Bacchus Family Farm. It pretty much rained the whole time, but we were still able to have fun feeding the animals, playing in the barn and the rain slowed up just enough for the train ride.

We still had one more party to go to that day. Logan from the kids daycare (the daycare teachers son) turned 4 and had a very cute party at the movie theater. After the party all the kids stayed at watched Captain Underpants - which was very cute! For some reason my kids want to talk about poop all the time so this movie was perfect for them!

For the last week and 2 days this week the kids had swim lessons. They have went really well! This is Ryan's last year in Mommy and Me classes and if she can get more comfortable with her face in the water she will move up to level 1-2 next year which is where Noah is now. I am not really getting to see his class much since I am in Ryan's so I am anxious to see if he will be moving up a level next year or not.

This Friday I am taking my mom away for the night as part of her Mother's Day gift then home for another birthday party and swimming - it is beginning to look a lot like summer around here!