Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Movies, Baseball and a Kayak!

Our Fun Friday consisted of a matinee to see the new Transformers movie. I wasn't sure how this would go. Noah loves Transformers, Ryan insisted she wanted to go and I love Mark Wahlberg so we decided to give it a try even though the movie was over two and a half hours long. It turned out pretty good - Noah loved it and paid attention the whole time, luckily I thought to bring Ryan's ipod and ear phones so she watched that for a while when she was not into the movie and I got to stare at my boyfriend for a few hours :) We had planned some outdoor things for after the movie but ended up having to cancel since it started storming. We decided to have dinner at the Country Club - the kids loved running around and playing and going on golf cart rides and the food was really good.

Noah's last ball game was Saturday. He says he loves to play and has his moments where he does pretty well, but he does not concentrate very well and was only able to get one hit off the machine all year. He did hit really well on the tee though, but his t-ball  games are officially over now. I will miss getting to watch him play each week, but I am glad it is over before the weather gets really hot.

After the game we went to Ft. Smith so I could finally get to eat at Texas Roadhouse - which I have been craving for 6 months. Then we went to get my birthday present from Nathan - a kayak! I really enjoyed kayaking last year at my friends bachelorette party but haven't got to do it since. I decided to get a kayak for my birthday and make it happen. I am also wanting to get some kayaks for the kids so I can help them get more used to it and hopefully go float with them in a few years. After going back and forth between the stores I finally picked one. I am not crazy about it being being yellow - but that way my friends can find me if I get lost ;)

Sunday we went to church and lunch then the kids and I went home to clean house and play while Nathan golfed. Then we all went to see Cars 3 - it was such a cute movie and of course the kids are begging to go back and see it again.

Ryan was not loving the sun and refused to take a picture - but Noah can always push through ;)

This week is looking like a normal summer week - baseball awards, golfing, swimming, kayaking, family dinner night and whatever else we can squeeze in!

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