Monday, July 3, 2017

Girls Night, Fun Friday & Pool Time!

Thursday night I had my first Girls Night dinner. A few of my volunteer friends already had dinner together on some Thursdays and invited me and another friend to join them this week. The food was amazing (Talen is a great cook) and the company was even better. It was really nice to just sit and talk, no kids needing attention or baths to give, and eat good food with friends.

For this weeks Fun Friday we had to make a last minute change, but it worked out good. It was supposed to rain most of the day so we needed an indoor activity. We decided to head to the Amazeum in Bentonville with my mother-in-law and nephew. Unfortunately, my nephew came down with a stomach bug and they were not going to be joining us. We really wanted to wait for them to go with us when we went to the Amazeum so we decided to head to Little Rock and check out the Xtreme Bugs exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Library. It was only going to be there a few more weeks and we didn't want to miss it. Our first stop was to All Aboard restaurant. I took the kids here over 3 years ago and Noah loved it, Ryan was just a baby. They both really enjoyed it this time. The whole restaurant is train themed and a train on a track near the ceiling actually delivers your food to your table - it is really cool!

The bug exhibit wasn't as large as what I was expecting, but the kids didn't seem to mind. There were 2 rooms of giant bugs with large signs of bug facts and a place to dig up bug skeletons. What really surprised me was how much the kids liked the actual library part of the building. We went to the Oval Office and through all the Clintons personal memorabilia and they really got into it. They were even asking when we could come back and visit again! Of course the escalators were the highlight of their day - it is the simple things :)

Ryan was not loving this giant tarantula :)

We ended our Fun Friday with dinner at Fat Dawgz, one of our favorites :)

Saturday was very lazy  - lots of playing with toys, watching movies and cleaning house. I even got to sit in my bed and watch a few episodes of Roseanne uninterrupted - it was so nice! Then we went over to the Country Club to swim and get some sun! I love that the kids are old enough to swim without me having to be in the water with them so I can lay out if I want to. After our swimming fun we had dinner with friends at Crosswoods - we love seeing Scooter, Melissa and "Nachelle"  (as Ryan calls her).

After church on Sunday the kids and I had a big lunch with family - I love that my family fills up an entire row at church now - it wasn't long ago it was just Nathan and I there. The kids and I then hit up the matinee to see Despicable Me 3 while Nathan golfed. Then I cooked spaghetti for dinner and attempted to make the green beans that Talen made at our girls dinner the other night - they were ok, but needed more seasoning - but, hey, I am learning ;)

"Pictures or it didn't happen" ;)
Now for a busy week of meeting a long lost family member (more on that later), celebrating Independence Day, possibly a float trip, dentist appointments, and a baby shower!

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