Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Peach Pageants, Amazeum & 6 Birthdays!

Last week was the beginning of Peach Festival season in Johnson County! This year was extra busy for us because Noah was Little Mister and had some things to participate in for the end of his reign and Ryan asked to be in the Tiny Peach pageant. Monday night was Noah's Farewell Dinner. He could only bring 2 guests so Ryan got some special time with Meme while Nathan and I accompanied Noah at the dinner. Each member of the reigning royalty got to go on stage and give a speech. Noah marched up on stage, gave a great speech and then it happened...he did a mic drop! I was so shocked I literally laughed until I cried and so did Nathan. It was the perfect ending to his reign and the crowd loved it!

Tuesday night was pageant rehearsal night for both kids. Ryan was the only one in her age group to do it alone - she made it clear she did not want my help! I was actually very surprised with how well she did in practice! Noah had to show the boys running for Little Mister Johnson County this year how to walk on stage - he loved that job!

Finally, on Thursday it was pageant time! Noah got to sit in on the Little Mister interviews and did a great job! Ryan picked out a perfect pageant hair style and it turned out so beautiful! She enjoyed being fed a happy meal while getting her hair done :) I  must say, getting Noah pageant ready the last 2 years was a lot easier than getting Ryan ready! Just some hair gel and making sure his pants weren't on backwards was all we had to do with him! Ryan was still the only girl in her age group to go on stage alone. She smiled and waved and did so good! She did look back at me on the sides at each stop to make sure she wasn't going to fast, but she did amazing for her first pageant! She ended up winning crowd favorite and got a trophy and a crown - which thrilled her! She says she wants to do more pageants, but I am afraid if she didn't win something she would meltdown, so we will see before we move on to doing that.

Interviewing the Little Mister contestants :)

Noah did his farewell and passed out the trophy and sash to the new Little Mister Johnson County. He was sad but once we told him he could keep his sash and trophy he was ok with it :) Since the pageants last year were after the Peach Festival Noah and the other 2016 royalty did not get to ride in the parade, so they get to do that this year. So, he gets to put the sash on one more time and throw candy - which was his favorite part of all his duties anyway!

For Fun Friday this week we went and checked out the Amazeum with Meme and Paxton. I would best describe the Amazeum as a restaurant play place on steroids! It has so many different stations and things to do and the kids had the best time! We were able to get it all done in a few hours, but the kids really weren't ready to leave and begged to be able to go back again. That night for dinner, we celebrated 2 of the 6 people's birthdays we had to celebrate over the weekend. Nathan's cousins Zach and Justin had a family dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

Saturday we had another birthday party, this time for 2 kids that used to go to daycare with Noah and Ryan. They are both in school now, but we love getting to see them still for birthday parties. Olivia and Kamden had a sports themed party at our local multi-purpose building and the kids loved running around and playing.

Sunday we all went to church and finally took Noah back to Sumo, he had been begging for months now :) Then a little shopping, then we had to head home to get ready for another double birthday party. My friend Alicia's kids Kadence and Davey had such a fun waterslide party! It was hot, but nice in the shade with a breeze and the kids were fine playing in the water.

Now this week is full of swimming and staying as cool as possible and Peach Festival activities - 4 mile race, turtle race, greased pig chase, Ryan's dance routine on the square, and the parade!

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