Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fun Friday, Parties and Swim Lessons!

The kids and I kicked off our first "Fun Friday" of the summer with pottery painting. Noah chose a Transformer and Ryan chose a horse (again). They both painted Daddy a little something for Father's Day also. I can't wait to see the results after they are cooked in the kiln.

After painting we did a little shopping for Ryan's pageant and Father's Day but had no luck with either. So, we just had lunch at Dixie Cafe and headed home so we could go watch my nephew Greyson play his last baseball game of the year. (Well, technically I watched the game, the kids played on the playground)

Saturday was a very popular day around here. There were lots of things we were invited to so we had to just choose a few. First was Noah's ball pictures and game. We got done just before the day full of rain started. Ryan and I got shirts made to cheer Noah on with - they turned out great!

After the game we all went home and changed from our sweaty clothes and headed to my nephew Paxton's birthday party at the Bacchus Family Farm. It pretty much rained the whole time, but we were still able to have fun feeding the animals, playing in the barn and the rain slowed up just enough for the train ride.

We still had one more party to go to that day. Logan from the kids daycare (the daycare teachers son) turned 4 and had a very cute party at the movie theater. After the party all the kids stayed at watched Captain Underpants - which was very cute! For some reason my kids want to talk about poop all the time so this movie was perfect for them!

For the last week and 2 days this week the kids had swim lessons. They have went really well! This is Ryan's last year in Mommy and Me classes and if she can get more comfortable with her face in the water she will move up to level 1-2 next year which is where Noah is now. I am not really getting to see his class much since I am in Ryan's so I am anxious to see if he will be moving up a level next year or not.

This Friday I am taking my mom away for the night as part of her Mother's Day gift then home for another birthday party and swimming - it is beginning to look a lot like summer around here!

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