Monday, June 12, 2017

Me, Momma and the Pioneer Woman

For Mother's Day this year I gave my mom some Pioneer Woman stuff and also told her I was taking her to visit the Pioneer Woman Mercantile and Ranch! We had to wait a few weeks to get a clear schedule and make sure the ranch was open for tours. Last weekend was finally time!

We took off and drove straight to our hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bartlesville which was about 25 minutes from the Mercantile. They had a Pioneer Woman special rate so it was nice to get such a good deal on a nice hotel. After checking in we went straight to the Mercantile to shop and eat.  As soon as we got there, Ladd (aka: Marlboro Man) was greeting people and taking pictures with people as they came in. He was very nice and showed us where things were to get started.  We shopped a little and then got in line for food - the wait was about an hour and the line was outside. Luckily they gave out umbrellas to keep us cool while we waited. We just happened to get in line with a couple that lived about 20 miles from us so that gave us plenty to talk about on our wait. Our food was amazing! I had homemade chicken strips and twice baked potato and mom had steak.

After dinner we headed back to Bartlesville to go to the mall to shop for Father's Day and Ryan a dress for her upcoming pageant. We found all the stuff we needed and then something even better happened! There was a Gap in this mall and they overheard me talking about my Gap stuff being stolen while we were in Branson. When I checked out they gave me huge discounts on everything I got to help me replace the stuff that was stolen. I could have cried! I obviously loved Gap before but now I am an even bigger fan! After our shopping we headed back to the hotel where we got snacks from the lobby and watched HGTV until we both fell asleep :)

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast at the hotel. Then we packed up the car and headed to the Mercantile to finish shopping and head to the ranch for a tour. The Mercantile was a LOT busier Friday than Saturday. I mean the line to check out Friday had 5 people in it, the line Saturday had at least 30. So, I got a little creative. There was no one in the gift wrapping line, so I decided to pay $2 and have my stuff I was buying put in a gift bag and didn't have to wait in line at all! That is why I get paid the big bucks ;) My mom bought me all the things I wanted there for my birthday coming up - so I guess this was a Mother's Day, my birthday, memory making trip :)

New plates for my plate rack

I fell in love with this canvas!

I had to have these adorable measuring cups!

A t-shirt and necklace purchase were a must ;)

The ranch was about a 30 minute drive from the Mercantile. It wouldn't have taken so long but a majority of the drive was on a dirt road and that takes longer. The view from the Lodge was just amazing! The Lodge itself was amazing too! I love the country rustic style and the way it had feminine decorations in it too made it just perfect. Plus, it had the pantry of my dreams! I even got to love on Ree's sweet puppy Walter on our way out. It was a perfect visit!

View from the Lodge

My dream pantry!

We got back home Saturday evening just in time for me to get to see the kids and work on Father's Day crafts with them before bed. Sunday, after church, we had a birthday party for me niece Marley, niece Savannah and myself at my brother's house. I am 29 and holding :) After the party we went and spent some time at the country club - we all swam and Nathan golfed a little.

Noah blew my candles out before I could finish my wish!

Make your own emoji cupcakes :)

Now for a busy week of baseball games, football camp, vacation bible school and Father's Day!

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