Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Anniversary Getaway to Branson

Nathan and I were able to get away for the weekend and celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. We decided to take a kid free trip to Branson and do some of our favorite things we can't always do with the kids like shop, ride the fast coasters and have calm dinners out :)

Friday we shopped and went to dinner at Buckinghams Steak House where Nathan smoothly cut a carrot and it flew off our table and hit the table beside us :) We both laughed until we cried! We had dessert at Andy's custard before calling it a night at the hotel. No baths to give, or kids to tuck in - just us getting to lay in bed at watch a movie.

Saturday was actually our anniversary. Funny story: I was joking with Nathan earlier in the week and said "Happy Anniversary" to him - he said "is that today, I'm sorry" - so realizing he really didn't know when it was (even though it is engraved in his ring) I let him think he missed it until Saturday when I again told him Happy Anniversary and had to clue him in :) We did some more shopping and then rode the Ozark Mountain Coaster before lunch at the Fall Creek Steak House. The Ozark Mountain Coaster is a new coaster that you ride in your own car and control how fast you come down the mountain. It was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to take the kids back to do it. That evening we did putt-putt golf - I only lost by 1, and dinner at the Bass Pro Restaurant on the water - the food was good and it was storming which was kind of cool to watch through all the windows on the water.

Sunday we went straight to Silver Dollar City and got there when it opened and had no lines for 3 of the fast coasters we wanted to ride. There was a really long line for one ride for some reason so we skipped that one and went to ride the sky coaster downtown instead. I had done the sky coaster a long time ago and Nathan had never done it. The first drop was scary but after that it was just fun. We ended our trip with lunch at Nathan's favorite place - Joe's Crab Shack.

It was really nice to get away and not have to worry about kids getting car sick, a million bathroom breaks, ordering kids food and begging them to eat it, trying to keep them quiet in a hotel, etc. But, as soon as I saw a kid while we were there, I would instantly miss our kids - funny how that works.

Once we got home we did have a not so great realization. On Friday after we went shopping we put some of the shopping bags in the back floorboard under the seat. Once we got home we realized they were not there. We narrowed it down by what was still there and when we put them in there and we know it was taken at our hotel parking lot Friday night. We got the kids new summer clothes, each a new pair of shoes, my bag of Ulta stuff, and some of me and Nathan's new clothes - all gone. No cameras are in the parking lot, the receipts are in all of the bags so basically we are just out of luck. I guess it is a life lesson - take your stuff in with you on vacations - even if it is locked up or hid it isn't safe.

With Ryan's ball season being over and her ballet is canceled this week, we don't have much going on this week other than swim lessons in the mornings. But the kids and I (and whoever else we can drag along) are trying to do Fun Fridays this summer and are trying to do different fun things each Friday like visit State Parks, go to the lake, library or movies. We are hoping to be able to kick that off this Friday!

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