Monday, May 1, 2017

Monster Trucks and a Parenting Realization

Friday night Ryan had another ballgame and then we decided to try out the new Domino's (or Donimos as my kids call it). It was pretty busy but the service was fast and friendly and our pizza was great!

Noah was supposed to have his first ballgame on Saturday but they called them off due to the rain that was supposed to be coming in the area. The rain actually held off, so we could have had it, but used the extra time to clean house :) That evening we had tickets to see Monster Trucks in Little Rock. Months ago I got an email about the event and invited all of Nathans side of the family to go with us. We all met at TGI Fridays for dinner, then onto Monster Jam! The kids loved it and had a great time - plus there was snocones and popcorn so they were in heaven! I was afraid the loud trucks might bother the kids but the ear muffs worked great! I bought myself some and while they worked great, as soon as I would put them on they would make me nauseous - it was the strangest thing! I guess they were putting pressure on something in my ear that was causing me to feel sick, but as soon as I took them off I was fine. Luckily I brought ear plugs too and they worked fine for me.

The drive home was quite a ride! I have never drove in rain that hard - I seriously could not see at all many times and could not see very clearly the rest. Lots of cars were in the ditches from hydroplaning. I did pull over one time under an overpass because I could not see anything at all and I needed a break. Our max speed was 50, and that was rare! I was so glad to finally be home! Luckily, my kids are not scared of storms and did not even notice anything was going on!

Sunday morning we went to church and then to Cracker Barrel for lunch. After that it was time for private ball lessons! Noah wants to be the catcher for his baseball team so we are trying to help him learn the position. This is a good year for him to learn because his age group does not require a catcher so he can use it as a learning year. It was freezing cold and very windy but we managed to get hitting and catching practice in before we froze to death on the last day of April - crazy Arkansas weather!

I have to admit something about parenting I did not see coming. We have always asked the kids if they want to play a sport. They have always said yes, even if they complain about playing during the season, they still want to play the next year. This year it was no different with Noah playing baseball. Then Noah had to learn to hit off a pitching machine and wanted to learn to be catcher - two things new to him. He gets so upset when he cannot do something and of course I hate seeing him upset, especially when it is something that is elective such as a sport. So, last week when Nathan said we were not going to leave the ball field until Noah got a hit off the machine and we had been there almost 3 hours and it was dark, cold, we were hungry (maybe a little hangry) and I was tired from loading the pitching machine and my son is crying but still standing there trying to hit the ball - it was so hard not to quit. In my head I was ready to quit baseball altogether. Why would I want him to do anything that caused him to be that upset? Once it was over and I told him that he didn't have to play next year - thinking he would be happy  - he had the opposite reaction, he cried "No, I want to play!" So, watching him be frustrated and learn to do something hard is a lot harder on me than him - and trust me, if you could see him you would see how hard this is on him (even though some of it is the extra drama he brings to it). Watching him get hit by the ball over and over last night while catching as he learned to move his glove was hard, but watching him get mad and catch the next pitch was awesome! So, I will just continue to be his biggest fan and watch him learn and support him along the way, even if I quit on the inside ;)

Coming up: this week we are super busy with t-ball pictures, 2 t-ball games, ballet pictures, FBLA interviews, family dinner, a field trip, ballet recital rehearsal, baseball practice game, ballet recital, a wedding, baseball game and Disney on Ice!

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