Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Noah's First Grade Year

When Noah started the first grade I was nervous. Kindergarten had went so well and I was unsure about the other end of the building where all the big first grade kids were! It all just seemed so different to be in the same building. However, I learned the differences between Kindergarten and First Grade were needed to help the kids grow and be able to do more on their own - and that is just what Noah did. It seemed like in no time he took off with his reading and math skills. I would learn of things he was doing in class and he knew so much about the world and even understood how and why things are the way they are. I saw a real maturity in him this year, that was much more noticeable than in Kindergarten.

Noah's teacher, Mrs. Blackard, was a great fit for him. She gave him the perfect balance of love, discipline, knowledge, guidance and of course fun! Noah just told me last week before his birthday that one of the things he will miss most about being a 6 year old was Mrs. Blackard. He always got up each day ready to go to school and even complained about missing his teacher on Christmas and Spring Break. He has made me promise to bring him back to visit her next year.

This will be Noah's last year in the Primary School. This school has been such a blessing to us. Noah always had something to look forward to and a fun activity to help him learn going on - State Park field trips, AR rewards program, 2-4-6 Reading Fundraiser, Fun Day, Book Fairs, Music Programs and so much more! He didn't even realize how much he was learning most of the time during these activities :)

Since Noah is moving up to the elementary school next year and Ryan will not start school for another year, I will not have a child in the Primary next year. That is really hard to imagine! I plan to still come back and volunteer the same as I did when Noah was there and also help as much at the elementary school as they need me. I have made some of the best friendships and memories in that volunteer program and cannot imagine not being part of it. I realize that as kids get older, volunteers will be needed less and less each year due to not as many crafts, etc. in the classes. So, I may not always be able to help in my child's class, but I really enjoy volunteering and plan to do it as long as I can. I had friends whose kids started Kindergarten this year and they told me when they heard me talk so much about how awesome the volunteer program was last year they couldn't imagine why I wanted to spend my day off at the school. But after they volunteered this year they totally get it! We have so much fun and the teachers and staff are very grateful making it very rewarding!

I officially have a second grader now! He changed so much during his first grade year! His little cheeks aren't so chubby, he definitely grew taller and he just looks more like a little man now. If I didn't have picture proof of these changes I wouldn't believe he changed that much physically. But, there is no doubt in my mind that he is much smarter and mature than he was just 9 months ago.

First Day of 1st Grade       -      Last Day of 1st Grade

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