Monday, May 8, 2017

Field Trip, Recital and Disney on Ice!

Thursday I was able to go on Noah's end of the year field trip to Lake Dardanelle State Park. The weather wasn't ideal - it was cloudy, windy and cold, but they were able to adapt the activities indoor until it warmed up enough the kids could play at the park. They played butterfly bingo, looked at nature artifacts and fish, learned about spiders and went on a walk. The kids had a great time and it is so fun to watch Noah play with his classmates.

Ryan had her Spring recital on Friday night. She did so good and had a great time. She said she loves being on stage and wishes there were more recitals than practices :) I loved their tap and ballet outfits this time and she was one of the 101 Dalmatians also.

Saturday Noah had a ballgame. He was catcher again and did not have his best game in that position - he kept moving out of the way of the ball. We still have to get him to not be so scared of the ball - getting hit in practice Thursday didn't help with that I am sure. His first time at bat he got his first ever real hit off the pitching machine! He has foul tipped it twice in practice and that was it - this was an actual hit! It shocked him so he forgot to run but luckily still made it to first before getting thrown out. After he scored he ran to the fence and said "Momma I hit it! I just closed my eyes and swung and I hit it!" - not exactly how it was supposed to go but he was way to excited to ruin it for him :)

Months ago I bought tickets for Monster Trucks (which we went to 2 weekends ago) and Disney on Ice - one was in April and one was in May, I didn't really pay attention that one was the last weekend of April and the other was the first weekend in May so they were only a week apart. So, we headed back to Little Rock for Disney on Ice this weekend. I bought tickets for us last year but my dad had a heart attack the day of the show so I was not able to go. It looked really fun so I was excited to get to go with the kids this year. The show included Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Cars and Frozen. It was so good and I really hope it comes back again next year. Ryan danced and screamed non-stop and Noah really enjoyed it too.

Disney on Ice wore him out :)

Sunday we went to church and then went to the park for some extra ball practice for Noah. Baseball is not coming easy to him at all - he is having to work really hard to get it. So, we spent 2 hours working on throwing and catching, being catcher and hitting. Once again, there were lots of tears and frustration - it is so hard watching him try to learn this sport - he gets so upset. Hopefully all this extra practice will pay off someday.

Racing after practice :)

Now for another week of ballgames, new ballet classes, and getting ready for Mother's Day!

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