Monday, April 24, 2017

Our last free weekend for awhile...

We had a weekend full of not a lot. Nathan had been sick and took some allergy medicine that apparently he was allergic too, so not only was he still trying to stop sneezing and coughing but he got to add hives, swelling, and itching on top of that. Plus, it was mostly rainy and cold so it made for a good weekend of indoor activities. 

Saturday was spent playing games, watching movies, cleaning house, getting groceries, building legos, playing with super heroes, pillow fights and playing Candy Land.

My little shopping helpers!

Pillow fight!

Sunday the kids and I went to church and took my niece Alex with us - the kids love it when cousin Alex is with us. After lunch at Dixie Cafe (Noah had been begging to go there for a few days) the kids and I hit up the nature trail for some fresh air and sunshine. We walked all the way to McDonald's and rewarded ourselves with cookies :) 

This week holds t-ball practice, ballet pictures, haircuts, baseball practice, t-ball game, Noah's first game and Monster Trucks!

I guess it was a good thing we had a low key weekend, because we will have a ballgame or some other activity every weekend until July - lots of memories are about to be made! Plus, I booked our first beach vacation for this summer! I cannot wait to spend a few days here with my little family!

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