Monday, April 10, 2017

Fun Run, Fun Movie, Sunday Funday

Friday night Nathan was busy working on race cars so the kids and I wen to Chili's and had movie night - two of our favorite things to do :)

Saturday morning we started out with a Fun Run for the kids. I had asked both kids if they wanted to run in a race and Noah was all about it but Ryan did not want to - she honestly wanted to stay home and sleep in, but Nathan was working so she had no choice but to come with us. Once we were on the way to the race she asked if she could race too - I had a feeling she would. She said she really wanted to race but wanted Noah to hold her hand the whole time. Noah said he would. I told him that if he did that he may not get a medal for placing since she will not finish as fast. He said he didn't mind and he would stay with her (proud mommy moment #1). Once the race started, all the kids took off, including Noah leaving Ryan behind. Ryan yelled "NOAH!" and he immediately stopped and came back and grabbed her hand (proud mommy moment #2). The race was only 1 mile, and I could not see them for most of it, but I was so happy to see them come out of the trees hand in hand and smiling, still together (proud mommy moment #3 - which almost made me cry). They each got a medal and were so excited!

Stretching :)

The kids and I had lots of errands to run after the race. Check the mail, go by my work, pick up all the Rhea Lana signs we put out and get groceries. By the time all that was done Nathan was done working so we got to meet for lunch. After lunch we went home and played in the yard, cleaned house and played games. The kids have been asking to go inside and eat at places we usually go to drive-thrus at. Last weekend it was KFC, this weekend it was Taco Bell. They seemed to be a little more excited than I was, but there big smiles over the little things made it more than worth it. After dinner we went to see the new Smurfs movie and it was much better than I was expecting. I watched Smurfs a little as a child, but don't remember much. This story was cute and had a great message.

We went to church Sunday morning - the message was SO good! Then lunch at Western Sizzlin, one of the kids favorites. Then we went home and played in the yard, rode the four-wheeler and Noah had his first attempt at hitting on the arm pitching machine. It will take some getting used to, and he was doing better by the end but it is a big change from the tee. We ended the night all sitting together watching Trolls - it was a nice ending to the weekend.

This is going to be a busy short week! Ryan has her first t-ball game today. Tomorrow Ryan has ballet while Noah had his first ball practice, followed by Ryan's second ball game followed by a board meeting at the County Club! Stillwell family egg hunt Wednesday. School pictures Thursday. No school on Good Friday so I have a massage scheduled and Nathan mentioned taking me on a date. This all leads up to Easter weekend full of family pictures and egg hunts! Love being busy with all this fun family stuff!

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