Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Weekend...

After a 3 day work-week, I needed a 3 day weekend with the kids :) I love it when Noah gets up and I get to tell him he gets to stay with me all day - the look on his face is priceless - it is like he won a million bucks! The babysitter was closed Friday, so I got to enjoy my babies extra this weekend. We had to do most of our playing inside because of all the rain - but I'm not complaining - in a few months it will be really hot and I will have to be outside all the time!

I will admit, 3 years ago when the babysitter was closed or the weekends, taking care of Noah was work. I hadn't regularly taken care of a kid - on an every day basis, so it was hard making the shift from sitting around doing what I wanted to taking care of a child all day and doing whatever to make him happy. Now, I look back and it seems silly. I can take care of both children by myself with no problem. It is crazy how comfortable you can get watching your own kids. I look forward to full days off with them now - it is little work and a lot of fun! Actually, the work amount is the same (if not more with 2 kids) but it is no natural now I don't notice it. I can't imagine having 3 kids and not sure I ever will - and in a few years I may not be able to imagine life without a 3rd - who knows!

Saturday we celebrated my nephew Paxton's 1st birthday! Due to the rain, the party was moved indoors, but once the rain stopped, Noah was in puddle heaven! He was having so much fun chasing kids and splashing in puddles and throwing rocks in puddles. He is BOY through and through.

Noah has been such a good brother ever since Ryan was born. He has started a little with the not wanting to share. He is a typical kid where he doesn't want something unless someone else has it - and for the most part Ryan could care less if he takes it from her as long as she has something else to chew on. But, I don't want him to get in the habit of taking toys from her. So, this weekend we had to work on that some. One time he really wanted one of his dinosaurs Ryan had and I told him to let her play with it. He said he wanted it, I told him to leave her alone about it or go to time out. He said he WANTED to go to time out. He is constantly putting himself in time out. He cracks me up. He got out of time out and told Ryan he was sorry, and she had of course moved on to a different toy. Once she starts crawling, I think we are in for a lot of fights.

Sunday afternoon it was finally sunny enough for some outside time. So, Noah, Ryan and I went out and played with the swing set and Noah threw rocks and sticks - his all time favorite things to do. The swing set was completely in the shade - I think we picked a good spot for it for this summer. I am paranoid about snakes so I kept looking for one to jump out and get us. I need to get come repellent to put out around the swing set area or "Noah's Park" as he calls it :)

It is always a little harder for me to drop the kids off on Monday mornings - not for them, for me. I just get so used to being with them, it feels weird to get in an empty car and drive to work. But, then later while I am eating lunch with 2 hands or going to the bathroom without an audience it feels nice :)

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