Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Weekend 2013

My niece Savannah celebrated her 12th birthday this weekend with a pool party! We had a great time at the party and it was Ryan's first time to swim! She LOVED it! I think she will be a water baby like Noah.

Sunday we went out to lunch for Father's Day and gave Nathan his gifts. Nathan mentioned awhile back that we needed a new grill, so I saved my pennies and got him one :) I got it at Sears in Ft. Smith and when I went to get it I was expecting it to be in a box. Well, lucky (sort-of) me, they are pre-assembled at Sears! So, me and 3 guys from Sears were taking it partially back apart and moving carseats and kid toys and all the junk in my car in order to make it fit! It was quite the ordeal and I am glad Nathan wasn't there - he would have been embarrassed for sure! But, it all worked out! The kids also each "made" him something. I found a picture frame you can record a message on and Noah recorded "I yub yew dada hahaha" on it and I put a picture of him and Nathan in it - it is SO cute. I also made a gift from Ryan that matches the one Noah gave Nathan last year where she spelled Dad with pictures - it turned out so good! Ryan also gave him a book called "Why Daughters Need a Dad" and it is full of good advice! We had lunch at Colton's and then Nathan spent the day in his shop working on race car stuff.

My dad and step-dad had to work on Father's day so we are celebrating them each at different times over the next few weeks. I am a lucky girl to have such a good Dad who always made sure I felt loved and taken care of, a very generous and caring step-dad who was always there to help me, and Nathan is a wonderful dad to our babies!

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