Friday, June 28, 2013

15 Ways Nathan and I are different

I read the Pioneer Woman's blog and she recently did a post on 15 ways her and her husband are different. I thought it was a fun read and wanted to do one for myself:

1. Before going to bed I HAVE (seriously, I have to) brush my teeth, wash my face, and put pajamas on and go to bed in our bed. Nathan can (and does) go to sleep wherever he sits down wearing whatever, at whatever time.

2. Nathan has serious road rage over the silliest things. Someone doesn't pass him after he moves over for them, leaving their blinker on, going too slow, etc. While these things annoy me, I do not let it get me that mad and do not do anything about it. I do not see the point. Nathan however feels the need to get in front of them with his blinker on (thinking that will clue them in that there blinker is on) or gas it when they finally decide to pass him.

3. I don't like seafood with the exception of fake fish sticks and tuna fish. Nathan loves seafood with the exception of fake fish sticks and tuna fish.

4. Nathan loves to canoe. I used to love to canoe. (One bad canoe trip can really ruin it for you for life - float with care :) )

5. Nathan cannot swim. Even after lessons he still can't do it. I have had to get him off the bottom of the lake and drag him to the shore before. I think I am a pretty good swimmer.

6. He drinks beer. I do not care for beer. I rarely ever drink (haven't drank any alcohol in over 2 years) but when I do, it has to be fruity (not salty) and taste nothing like liquor.

7. I do not like butter or salt. Nathan cannot get enough butter and salt.

8. I am geographically challenged. I do not know east, west, north, or south unless I can see I-40. Nathan has to give me directions using landmarks, not miles or streets. Nathan can find any place with little directions and can estimate distances like it is no ones business.

9. Nathan has a terrible memory. I can literally ask him to do something and 5 minutes later he has forgotten the entire conversation. I have a good memory - but it is failing the older I get :/

10. I have to have sno-cones with cream on them. He has to have sno-cones with NO cream. He is not a fan of anything creamy - including alfredo, sour cream, cream cheese, and cool whip - 4 things I cannot live without.

11. I think birthdays are a big deal. They are just another another day to him. No big deal.

12. I am a pool girl. I don't like ponds, lakes, etc. I don't know what is in that water but I am sure it wants to eat me. Nathan loves them. He says I am city. I am fine with that.

13. Nathan loves Quentin Tarantino movies. I can't stand them. Django was the best one and I still wasn't crazy about it.

14. Nathan loves to drag race. I think it is spending a lot of money to try to die. Not a fan.

15.  Nathan is no good at months or times. He has no clue the order of the months and rarely knows what month it currently is. If I say a.m. or p.m. he replies "just say after lunch or before lunch". :) I am great with dates and times.

With all of these differences we still make it work - we mesh well together. When we disagree on stuff I always tell him "God just thought he was SO funny putting me with you huh?" :)

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