Thursday, June 6, 2013

Since the "I Do's"

Since Nathan and I celebrated 7 years of marriage last week (coming up on 15 years together total now - YIKES!) I have been thinking back on how so much has changed since our wedding.

I thought our wedding was beautiful. It was just how I imagined it - except for a few things. Here is where I will dispense my wedding advice: I had people actually come up and tell me they didn't like my wedding because they had to take too many pictures. I thought then it was rude, and still do to this day. I LOVE pictures - love the memories they bring back. You want to know something funny - the ones complaining are not even in our lives anymore - but I still have my beautiful pictures (thank you very much) :) I do recommend doing first look pictures and taking as many as possible before the wedding so that you can get to the reception quicker. Nathan is very social and wanted to talk to every person who came to our wedding, which I would like to do but didn't think it was necessary. Some people left before we got to the reception and done cutting cake and eating, etc., so he wasn't too happy about that - but when you pay someone big bucks to take pictures for a certain amount of time you have to get it all in during a certain time. Again, take them before. Pick your wedding party wisely. I had a good group of girls and with the exception of one, I am still good friends with them all. Nathan has never had many close friends - just a bunch of good friends, and he is still basically friends with all his groomsmen, just doesn't see some as much as he used to. Life happens. Finally, don't stress. You will be no less married at the end of the day if your wedding goes perfectly, or if half the wedding party drinks the alcohol at the rehearsal dinner that was meant for the wedding and ends up swimming in the hotel fountain and throwing up all over the hotel lobby. Ahhhh, memories!

This picture hung in my living room until recently (it got replaced by Ducks Unlimited prints - Nathan said it was his turn to decorate the living room - ha!). I was constantly reading the things people wrote. Some people just wrote their names. Some wrote well wishes or memories. It is so strange how much these peoples lives have changed. Last names have changed. Babies born. Some have passed away. Some have moved away (I miss you Cassie!). That day was my special day and hundreds showed up to help celebrate it. I have showed up for some of their special days since then. Some I never see or talk to. Some I don't care to see or talk to. Some I miss a lot.

I watched our wedding video with Noah over the weekend. He thought that was hilarious! He kept asking where he was. I told him he hadn't came out of my belly yet (he obviously wasn't technically in there yet or I was pregnant for 4 years) but he knows he was in my belly so that helped him understand a little, or so I thought. Later when he saw me on the video he said "theres momma and dada and Noah in mommas boobies". Oh Boy! He kept saying "hey, I know her - that's my memaw/meme/papaw/etc". When I was walking down the isle he said "aww, momma going to see dada, dada happy" - the stuff he says like that amazes me - makes me think he is a genius. Then he pees in my living room floor and I remember, he is just a regular old 3 year old that is special to his momma :) I try to watch my wedding video once a year. It makes me cry every time and I am not sure why, I think it is the music - I am a music person. The part where one of me and Nathan's good friends who recently passed away was wishing us well really got me this time. So glad I had my wedding video taped. It is full of awesome memories.

Since Nathan and I said "I do" we have had a lot of life changing events. We traveled out of the country. Struggled with infertility. Bought a new home. Beat infertility! Became parents to an amazing little boy. Joined a Church. Both of us have been blessed in our careers - things keep going up for both of us in that department. Almost lost our little girl - SO thankful to have her! Can't wait to see what's next!

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