Monday, June 24, 2013

2nd Anniversary of my 29th Birthday!

When I was little I never imagined a time I would not have a big birthday. It is just how life was. My parents and family were always good to give me my day and make me feel special. So, I blame them for always making my child birthdays so awesome that my adult birthdays are just so blah.

I get SO excited over Noah and Ryan's birthdays. More excited than my own birthdays. I want to make sure they have the best birthday party and memories - not by buying them a bunch of gifts - more of just the memory that we all took time to focus on them for one day and wanted to make it special for them. I try to do the same thing for Nathan - as much as he will let me. He thinks birthdays are no big deal once you are an adult.  I told him it was his job to plan me something special on my birthday and he said it was my parents job - I swear that was in our vows somewhere :) I don't agree - in my family we didn't stop celebrating that person just because they were a teenager or young adult. Another year with each other is a special thing and needs to be celebrated. Until I die - I plan to have my kids over for a dinner, gifts, and cake at the least. It is strange to me that I am old enough that my birthday is not a big deal to anymore - I have been having a lot of them over the years and all, but I don't know when it stopped becoming a priority to celebrate the day at least (sometimes the whole week). I even had immediate family forget altogether. Now, I feel like it is a burden because people don't know what to get me (and that is my fault somehow), everyone is busy, kids schedules trump adult plans, life happens.

I do have the most amazing kid birthday memories though! Swim parties, sleepovers, skating parties, my sweet 16 (getting my car!), and out on the town for my 21st. I am hoping to provide my kids with the same awesome memories and maybe have them be able to experience that special birthday feeling a little bit longer! This may sound like I am saying "oh poor me" and that is really not how I want this to come across - it is hard to convey when writing sometimes. This is how adult life is, but this is also a reminder to myself to make a big deal out of birthdays for my kids well on into their adult lives, because I know I wouldn't hate that! I have made it 31 years - this is a big deal. But, my birthday seemed like any other day of the week (minus people telling me happy birthday). I told Noah it was my birthday and he wanted to blow out my candles. I told him that Momma didn't have a cake. He said he would make me one - and he piled up his mashed potatoes and stood his green beans up in hit and sang me happy birthday - it was the sweetest thing. He has such a good heart - it made my day.
My mashed potato cake and green bean candles :)

I am healthy, have 2 amazing kids, a loving husband, and lots to be thankful for - and hopefully will have these things and many more blessings for my many birthdays to come!

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