Monday, June 10, 2013

Tori's Visit & Ryan's Ponytail!

My niece Tori came in from California so we had a pizza and swim party at my aunt's house for her. Nathan had to work, so I was a little stressed trying to keep Noah from drowning and Ryan from screaming since it was past her dinner and bedtime, but I did it - I amaze myself sometimes :) 

 Noah obviously had a blast in the water! He loves the water and I am hoping he is going to be a good swimmer - his dad's side of the family isn't known for having the best swimmers, so I am trying to make him as comfortable in the water as possible. So far, so good! He had a life jacket on the whole time and I was still scared to death he was going to drown. I had a dream once that he drown, and I have not let him swim without me being there since. Silly I know, but this dream was SO real.

 Tori finally got to meet Ryan! The oldest grandkid and youngest grandkid together :)

 I miss having Tori close by for all our family get togethers :(

We had a big moment in our house this weekend - Ryan's first ponytail! It is SO cute! I cannot wait to be able to fix her hair everyday - a momma dream I always had coming true! (Excuse the mess behind Ryan, she loves to play in the floor and she gets a little crazy throwing toys around everywhere!)

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