Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday USA!

We started out the weekend at home. Nathan played in a softball tournament all day Saturday and it was too hot for Noah and I to go, so we enjoyed a day at home. I love my all day Noah days I get with him on the weekends. We started off with having breakfast together. He loves eggs, while I am not a big fan of them. I decided a long time ago that I am not going to impress my opinion of foods on Noah, so maybe he will like a wide variety of foods. I will cook that little guy whatever he wants - within reason anyway! Noah has had a runny nose and cough lately and hasn't been sleeping very well (I think because of me spoiling him in the hotel room last week and getting him quickly out of bed to keep him from waking everyone up - where at home I let him cry a few minutes and he is back asleep) so we really needed a good lazy day at home.

Noah loves his eggs!

Playing with the water table (minus the water) in the nice air conditioning!

We drove his car around (I pushed, he honked the horn), played with all his toys, watched some Mickey Mouse, and danced of course. Nathan got home just in time for us to head to Lamar for the fireworks show. We met my Dad, brother Eli, his wife Kesha, and their daughter Eliza Nell there. The fireworks show was really good! It was alot longer than I thought it would be. Noah loved the fireworks. He paid close attention for the first 5 minutes, but after that he was over it. He wanted to crawl around and do anything but sit still. Which, may not have been that big of a deal, but he was already bathed and in his pajamas because of the late summer hours - so I had to walk him around for the end of it. But, we made it and had a good time.

Noah drives his truck just like his Daddy, with his arm hanging out the window.

Lamar Fireworks Show

Lamar Fireworks Show

Lamar Fireworks Show
Sunday we spent the morning at home. Nathan and I watched True Grit while Noah napped (didn't really care for the movie much - I heard it was really good so I was let down). I made a garden salad to take to my Uncle George's house for his annual Independence Day cookout. We were told it started at 3:00, so we were fashionably late heading there at 3:45 when I was told it started at 6:00, not 3:00. So, we turned around and went back home. Nathan's parents came over to visit Noah (as they do every Sunday) since we wouldn't be home that evening to visit. Noah was CRANKY to say the least. They left so I could try to get Noah to nap before we went to the cookout, but he wasn't having it. So, we were afraid of what he would do at the cookout. You never know what to expect with a cranky toddler.

Uncle Eli teaching Noah to hit things with a stick - joy!

The two chubbies enjoying the fan - Aunt Kesha is 9 months pregnant!

Christian enjoying some family time!

My beautiful niece Savannah

The hat section - Mom and Nathan

To our surprise, Noah did really good. He was actually letting other people have him like his Uncle Eli, Aunt Kesha, and Memaw Iva. So, I got a break to eat and enjoy some visiting time. After about 2 hours the heat was getting to us and we decided to go.

Monday - finally Independence Day! Noah still wasn't feeling them best so we hung out in the air conditioning. We cooked a roast and watched  the movie Hall Pass (very funny) while Noah was napping. Once Noah was up we watched The Sandlot and he actually sat and watched alot of it - it must be in his blood - Nathan and I love that movie! That evening, I got Noah all ready for bed minus pajamas (I knew at this fireworks show there was going to be snocones so I didn't want to get them sticky) and we headed to the First Baptist Church fireworks show here in town. We met my Mom, Eli, Kesha, Eliza Nell, Savannah, and Christian there. Noah enjoyed some blue snocone, cheerios, and vanilla wafers while patiently waiting on the fireworks show to start. The show was really good and I loved how they played the National Anthem on the church speakers during the finale.

Noah enjoying his blue snocone!

Eliza Nell enjoying her popcorn!

Nathan and Christian waiting on the show to start!

Eliza Nell, Mom, and Kesha patiently waiting on the fireworks!

My little family - Independence Day 2011

My brother Eli

My niece Savannah and a great photographer - thanks for the help Savannah!

Those were some scary fireworks!

First Baptist Church Fireworks

First Baptist Church Fireworks

First Baptist Church Fireworks

We had a great weekend! This is one of my favorite holidays and I hope it is Noah's too someday! Here is a look at how much Noah grew since the last time we celebrated the USA's birthday! Time flies!

Independence Day 2010

Independence Day 2011

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