Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gunn Family Vacation 2011

We try to go on a big family vacation with my Dad every other summer - usually to visit his sisters in St. Louis. Last year was supposed to be our summer to go, but I had just had Noah and didn't feel up to the trip. So we started planning then for this summer. Well, my brother Eli and his wife got a surprise pregnancy and couldn't make it and other family member couldn't make it for other reasons, so at the last minute we switched it to a week in Branson. Since Eli's wife was so far along she wasn't allowed to travel so we took their daughters Savannah and Eliza Nell with us. We also took my nephew Christian. So, the 7 of us headed up for 4 nights and 5 days in the Grand Country Inn hotel in Branson!

The hotel had an indoor waterpark and was perfect for the kids! We would swim, go to the room and eat, then head back to the waterpark! We went and rode go-carts, walked to the ice cream parlor, played in the arcade, went to Silver Dollar City, and went shopping. It was a nice break from reality and lots of good memories were made!

Here is a picture account of our trip:

Noah loved the water swing!

My niece Savannah sliding!

They had SO much fun!

Momma and Noah time in the lazy river!

Eliza Nell getting a lift from Christian

The big bucket in the waterpark that dumped out every 10 minutes!

Nathan working - as usual :)

Napping was quite a challenge on vacation!

Eliza Nell had no fear of the water!

Eliza Nell swimming underwater!

The Stillwells - Family Vacation 2011

Mommas not ready for the school bus yet!

My sweet girl ;)

Savannah and Eliza Nell and their Build-A-Bears

Noah working on the tv with his hammer!

We are so blessed to be able to spend this time together!

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