Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Better Late Than Never - Noah is 1!

I was without power for awhile due to the tornado, then got busy, life happens I guess. Here is Noah's 1 year old update!

He is getting too squirmy for pictures!

*  Noah is 29.5 pounds and about 33 inches tall.

*  He is wearing 18-24 month clothes and size 5-6 shoes and size 5 diapers.

*  He is still getting monthly haircuts, and they are still pretty crazy. He did alot better for this last one. It is just too much to expect a one year old to stay completely still and happy for a haircut.

*  Noah still sleeps 10-11 hours a night, straight through. He goes to sleep between 9-9:30 and doesn't get up until 7-8:00! He is a very good sleeper like his Daddy!

* He is now eating table foods. He eats breakfast about 9:00, lunch about 2:00, and dinner about 7:00. He is eating gerber toddler meals, and anything else soft enough he can chew. I had enough frozen breastmilk to mix with whole milk to wean him for an extra month. As of today, he is on all cow's milk! He seems to like it! We are working on sippy cups. He is in no way addicted to his bottle - still only holds it himself half the time, but sippys seem to choke him some too. We will get used to it I'm sure.
* Noah is still crawling everywhere and stands up unassisted! He is still not walking, but he can take 4-5 steps before falling.  He knows he can get there quicker by crawling so he just sits down and takes off! The lazy thing!

* Noah isn't much on Momma leaving him at daycare now. If I put him down and leave before he engages in a game or toy, or the sitter is talking to him, he isn't very happy. His sitter said he only cries about 1-2 minutes before he is on to something else. Just long enough to break mommas heart!

*  Noah still only has 8 teeth, but he still shows signs of more coming through any day now.

*  My favorite thing Noah does now is playing where's Noah, throwing his hands up after he finishes eating (as if he is saying "all gone"), he takes anything and puts it to his ear and say "hewhoah" (hello), and he will run (crawl fast) when I chase him.

* Noah is good at wrestling with Daddy now! When Nathan counts "1, 2, 3" to end the match, Noah will slap the ground to count him out! It is so cute! Watching him catch on to stuff like that amazes me!

I've had the most amazing 1st year of being Noah's momma and can't wait to watch him grow!

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