Thursday, April 21, 2011

Noah is 11 Months Old!

Another month has flown by and this is the last time I can say that Noah is older without saying he is a year and so many months! It is amazing how fast time flies and how fast he grows!

Now for some Noah highlights:

*  Noah is 28 pounds and about 33 inches tall.

*  He is wearing 18-24 month clothes and size 5-6 shoes and size 5 diapers.

*  He has to get his hair cut monthly to keep it out of his eyes and from growing over his ears and down his neck! I always say his hair is a blessing and a curse - a blessing because it is so pretty, but a curse because cutting his hair is quite the ordeal! He does ok, but he is very squirmy and doesn't like being constricted - which is necessary when sharp tools are out!

*  Noah now sleeps 10-11 hours a night, straight through. He goes to sleep between 9-9:30 and doesn't get up until 7-8:00! It is awesome!

* He is eating 3 breastmilk bottles a day - two 6 oz bottles at daycare and one 9 oz cereal bottle before bed. He eats yogurt for breakfast and a vegetable or fruit for lunch. Then for dinner he eats a meat, vegetable, and I mix him some fruit, cereal, and juice together for dessert. He loves it! He is a very good eater!

* Noah is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything! He stands alone alot so I figure walking is coming soon. We moved a bookshelf and coffee table out of the living room to protect him - he isn't the most graceful yet.

* Noah isn't much on Momma leaving the room at home now. This started about 2 weeks ago. If I go to the kitchen or bathroom - he screams and cries until I come back. He doesn't want me to hold him or anything, I just need to be in the room. I am working hard on breaking this habit - but it is just a phase.

*  Noah has 8 teeth and I'm pretty sure he is giving me signs of more breaking through! I love his cute little teeth!

*  My favorite thing Noah does now is crawl to me and want me to pick him up and when I do he lays his head down on my shoulder. It melts me. He also gives me kisses too - open mouth kisses  - such a sweet boy!

* Noah laughs at peek-a-boo and when either me or him cough or sneeze. He is also big enough for him and Daddy to wrestle now! They crawl all over eachother and try to "pin" eachother down for 3 seconds. I love to watch them play.

Now the countdown begins for the big first birthday! I have most of the planning done already!

Happy 11 Month Birthday Sweet Boy - Momma Loves you!

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