Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's Catch Up...

I've been a bad blogger - it has been a month and a half since I've done it. I feel guilty because it feels like I am slacking off on a commitment and I hate that. I would think of things here and there I wanted to blog about, then convinced myself no one would care to hear about it - which is unlike me to care if anyone wants to hear it or not, I'm usually going to tell it anyway! So, I think I am going to try a different route. I read several blogs and they are more of daily account blogs - things they do daily, pictures from their day, etc. I like reading them and even though I can't imagine someone wanting to read about my boring daily routines, I'm going to give it a try.

So, lets catch up!

Nathan and I went to Branson for our 5th wedding anniversary. We wanted to go ziplining and had seen a new zipline course when we were there in December. It was awesome! Nathan kept saying I was going to chicken out, but I knew better! I wasn't scared at all! I wished we would have done the taller and longer ones once we got done, but it was out first time so we were not sure what to expect. The only time I was scared was on the ride to the top of the course. It was in this little gator-like vehicle on a narrow road and our driver was a little crazy. As we were driving Nathan said to me "are you not freaking out?" and I said "oh yeah, but I am playing it cool so I don't embarrass you". He knows me too well! We were grouped with 5 other people that were there for Memorial Day. It was a fun way to celebrate 5 years of marriage!

After we got done zip-lining, we went out to eat, went to the IMax and saw The Hangover 2 and did some shopping. It was a good little mini-vacation!

Other than that we haven't had much excitement. Nathan and I went to a softball tournament in Little Rock last weekend. I learned awhile back that once Noah got older, he was more difficult to take to the games and actually get to watch Nathan play. So, we left him home for this one. Nathan's team didn't do so well in the tournament - they were just all having a bad day. So, we were done with the tournament by 5:00!

We headed out to find a hotel downtown so we could walk where we wanted to go that night. One of our friends Cory rode down there with us too, and some other friends decided to stay the night so we all decided to go out together. We walked to the Travelers game to meet up with our friends Brandon, Caleb, Mandy, and Josh. They had tickets and went on in. We were waiting in line and is started thundering and lightning bad, so we decided not to buy tickets because we figured it would rain soon. So, we caught a cab and went out to eat instead. Then we all met up at Willy D's Piano Bar. I love that place! It is so fun to watch the dueling pianos and listen to the songs they perform also. Once they closed, Brandon (who lives in Little Rock) said he knew of another place we could go to get some drinks and eat. He said is was "a few" blocks away. Well, over 15 blocks later, we got there. There were people running away from the building which is never a good sign to go towards what people are running from. Then a mouse ran out of the place we were going to! They were patting people down at the place next door before letting them in, so Nathan, Cory, and I decided to just call it a night. So, we walked the 15 blocks back to our hotel and all fell asleep right away! That was the latest I had been up and not feeding a baby in a long time! 

The next day we headed home after lunch at Corky's - our favorite BBQ place! We were so happy to see Noah and he seemed happy to see us too! We met up with friends that night at a local park for a kickball game! It was alot of fun! I hadn't played kickball in years! We all try to meet up on Sundays and play softball or kickball or something! It is a fun way to end our weekends. I didn't take any pictures in Little Rock or of kickball but since I have decided to blog more often, I will do better!

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