Monday, August 29, 2011

You is kind, you is smart, you is important...

We had quite the weekend! Nathan played softball in a National tournament in Fayetteville and lets just say it wasn't their weekend. He had 5 guys drop out on his at the last minute, so it makes it difficult to play with guys you don't normally play with, and they were having a hard time hitting - so we were done early.  I am a good loser, so it doesn't bother me. Someone has to lose and it kills me to see people not accept defeat. Nathan was pretty disappointed and hates to end the season like that. I won't be surprised if he does one more tournament with his team to maybe go out on a better note. But, I won't miss it. I love softball and watching Nathan do something he loves - but I love having open weekends too.

The best looking catcher I've ever seen :)

Noah spent the day with his cousins at Uncle Eli's house - they had a great time! Eli has a 10 year old, almost 5 year old, and a 4 week old - so there was plenty for Noah to do. He was exhausted when we picked him up and so were we, so we were glad to all relax at home in the air conditioning together.

Sunday Nathan took me on a day date! Nathan's parents watched Noah and we went to Russellville to eat and to a movie. He took me to Cracker Barrel, which really surprised me! He is not a Cracker Barrel fan, he says he can never find anything he likes there. I on the other hand love their food and don't even get me started on the Country Store! I could shop in there for hours! I ended up doing a little shopping while Nathan was in the after-church check-out line (it was kind-of long) and got Noah some adorable train conductor overalls and hat and some Skidder shoes - they look like socks at the top and are rubber on the bottom. He will love those! He is always bringing me shoes at the house to put on him. He got that from his Daddy. I am barefoot all the time and Nathan cannot stand to be barefoot - he at least has house shoes on at all times!

From there we went to the movies and saw The Help. It was such a good movie. I had heard nothing but good things about it so I figured it would be. The theatre was still packed and it wasn't opening weekend for the movie, and when it was over there was applause! It was that good! I am in no way racist and neither is Nathan, so the whole way home and even still this morning, we were talking about how we just cannot believe that the world was ever like that and that there are still people these days that feel that way. I personally know racist people and I just do not understand their ignorance. I do not bite my tongue on this topic so I am constantly telling the people I hear say racist things how wrong it is - and it may do no good, but I cannot just say nothing. I hear people group people together of a race by personality characteristics and talk about them in a bad way because of them. I know just as many white people with those same characteristics. It is 2011, people need to be enlightened. I am so glad Noah will never know a time as what was in the movie The Help, and I am going to try my hardest to raise him with the intelligence to know that we are all equal and God created us all that way. One of the maids in The Help had a close relationship with one of the girls she was raising for her employer. The little girls mom neglected her alot so the maid was constantly telling her "you is kind, you is smart, you is important". She wanted her to have a chance and to hear good things about herself - as I feel everyone in this world should.

We had a great weekend, I love getting to spend lots of time with my boys!

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