Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Be Busy!

Me and my boys - who keep me busy, in a good way!

I just have to say this. I keep reading on Facebook and blogs and hear people say all the time how busy they are. Not in a making conversation or informative way, but in a complaining way. This really irritates me. There are very few things that I am hearing people complain about that they did not bring on themselves. Life is what you make of it and what you put in it. If you want your kids to be happy and they are happy playing sports or being involved in things, then be happy to do that with and for them. That is your job as their parent. If you are forcing your child to do these things, making it more like work - that is a you problem and only you can fix it. As the coach of several kids basketball teams, the coaches do not want a kid there that doesn't want to be there any more than the kid wants to be there. If your child is involved in activities, then you obviously signed them up for the activity and at that time agreed to make time for it.

If you have alot to do, embrace it. Be glad you have things to do and places to go. Be glad you are not at home alone and bored. Be glad you have family and friends to see and do things with. Be glad your child has the opportunity to participate in events and organizations. Be glad you have a vehicle and gas money to go to these things. Be glad you get to watch your child in these sports. There are many less fortunate than you in that area. Those with depression who cannot leave the house would love the physical ability to do what you take for granted. Those children whose parents cannot afford or have the means to get their child to and from events envy you. The parents who are working and miss their childs baseball game or dance recital are more jealous than you will know. Do what you can, with what you have got. No one is asking more or less of you and if they are, you don't need them in your life. If a true friend sees you being overwhelmed, they will help out. If not, God is not going to give you more than you can handle, so just breathe and move on.

I recently had a talk with a loved one who said he was scared to die. He has a paralyzing fear of not having enough time here on Earth. I told him to just push it out of his mind because there is nothing that can be done about it, we will all eventually die. This is just our temporary home. There is bigger and better waiting for us. He said he had a list of things to do in life and he didn't think he would be able to get them all done. After he listed a short part of his list - I told him some of those things were unrealistic and most likely not going to happen. But, to live each day to the fullest. BE BUSY! Pack in as much as you can in each day because when you die, you are not going to wish you spent more time sleeping or sitting around doing nothing. You are going to wish you could see your son score another basket, have another tea party with your daughter, take another last minute trip to see the beach, sit with your grandma and talk about nothing important (just talking with grandma is enough), or watch your mom or dad blow out another cake full of candles!

Noah's life is flying by and I try to ensure that each day he has fun and I make a memory with him. He will never remember these times, but I will. I will cherish these days, and I may not see him grow up. We just don't know. God may need me earlier than my friends and family are done with me, so I have just got to make the most of it. I want my body to be just completely wore out when it is my time to go from doing everything that makes me happy!

Go make the most of that dash between the date of birth and date of death...

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