Thursday, September 1, 2011

Noah's 1st Fair!

Thursday, August 25th, we met my dad, brother, sister-in-law, and nieces at the Johnson County Fair. This was Noah's first time to ever go to the fair. Last year he was only 3 months old, and it was hot, so we skipped it. But, I believe this will be a yearly thing from here on out. Which is fine with me, these are the things I looked forward to the most while I dreamed of having a child someday!

Noah catching a ride with Daddy to the Fair!

Me trying to figure out a way to feed the animals without touching them!

Noah looking at me like I am crazy for squealing! :)

The rides were not running yet when we got there so we went to the petting zoo first. I guess I didn't think about how the animals were going to get the food before we bought a cup of food to feed them. I am not much on animals eating out of my hand and Noah looked confused because I had a mini-freak out session every time one of them would eat out of my hand! I don't trust animals that I don't know so I just knew they were going to bite me! I finally just held the cup out and let a goat stick his tongue in there and eat the rest of the food out! I will have to remember to skip the food part next year!

Noah's 1st ride - the carousel with Uncle Eli and cousin Savannah

He loved the Carousel!

My niece Eliza Nell loved it too!

My brother Eli is so good with Noah - he really helped out with him!

Noah was only tall enough to ride 2 of the rides and an adult had to ride those with him. I think next year he will be able to ride a few more or we will put his tall shoes on him! ;) We rode the carousel and the elephants. Noah loved them! He screamed and cried everytime we had to get off of them! Which was funny, sad, and embarrassing all at the same time. So, my dad, being the good grandpa he is, just kept supplying Noah tickets to ride the two rides he could ride over and over again until we decided to leave! I love that Noah likes to ride rides, so do I and Nathan so we will have fun at the theme parks in a few years!

Hot and sweaty but ready to ride!

Noah and Momma riding the elephants!

As you can tell by my hair - that thing really got to moving!

Noah's last ride - he had a blast!

We saw a bunch of people we knew - a thing I love about living in a small town. It wasn't too crowded, and it wasn't too hot and felt nice in the shade. We had a great time and some awesome memories were made!

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