Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Razorback Football Game 2011

My first blog post in January of this year was the last Razorback football game of last season. Noah was 6 months old, it was freezing cold, and we sat at home and watched it together. It was a great memory, and seems like forever ago! I didn't attend any Razorback games last year. I was nursing Noah and the games lasted longer than I could go without pumping or feeding and the walk to the car was too far for that, and you can't re-enter the games once you leave. So, I sat last year out. I was SO excited to go back this year!

Before we left town we went by and took Noah's picture with the Razorback rock - I have been dying to do this and what better time than when we were all Razorbacked out for the game!

He didn't want to sit still for pictures - he wanted to run around and laugh. But, they turned out pretty cute anyway.

We got such good seats! My brother hooked us up!
 We decided to gamble and wait until we got to the game to get tickets. It wasn't sold out so we knew we could get top row if all else failed. We really wanted to sit in the lower level. My brother was going to be tailgating all day so he said he would look around for us some tickets while he was there. I jokingly told him that I wanted 50 yard line, 2nd row! HA! A few hours before game time he called me and said that believe it or not he was able to get 50 yard line, 35th row! We were so excited! He got them for face value too! I was still worried about the tickets being fake or something because they seemed too good to be true.

My brother was leaving and said he would leave our tickets with his friend Nick Kern. We got to where Nick was tailgating and he handed me two tickets and said "the seats are not together, but I am sure you will be able to move down". Nathan laughed. I looked at the tickets and they were not in the section my brother had told me, they were 20 seats apart, and not on the same row. They were in the visitors section! I told him those were not our tickets. He said that was all my brother had gave him. I then figured out what he was doing - he was trying to keep our tickets and either use them himself or sell them and give us some crappy tickets! Not happening! He could tell I knew too much about our tickets and when I said something about calling my brother, our tickets magically appeared in his back pocket. I was SO mad at him! We were worried about a stranger ripping us off, but not someone we knew! This is yet another example of why we rarely trust anyone to do anything for us - we just do it ourselves!

Calling the HOGS! Woooo Pig Sooie!

Band spelling U of A

Here they come!

The game wasn't close - but it was very entertaining! Lots of good plays!

On our way home there was no one going towards Fayetteville on the interstate - everyone was leaving!

This was out view behind us - it was so weird.
We had a great time! I can't wait to watch more games this year either from the stands with my big boy or my couch with my little boy!

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