Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Full Circle Saturday

Inez Case

Or Grandma Case, as I always called her.
Saturday morning I had to go to my grandmas funeral. Grandma Case wasn't technically my grandma, she was my half sisters grandma, but growing up she always babysat us and acted as if she was our grandma. I didn't see her as much after we moved to Ft. Smith when I was in the 4th grade, and then when we moved back I was in junior high, so we didn't need a babysitter anymore. We went and visited her a few times or would see her at some birthday parties or baby/wedding showers, but not very often. I have the best memories of going to Grandma Cases house and playing card and board games with her. She would play for hours with us! She was the first one to read me Ferdinand, my favorite kids book, and she would read it to me whenever I asked. I would just climb onto the arm of her recliner and she would read away. She always got my favorite strawberry and peach ice cream bars from the Schwan's guy and anytime I was sick she would give me Sprite in a can with a straw. It made everything better. She was a retired beautician, and she always let me spin in her beauty chair - she was a great lady. She had a very nice service and she will be missed.

Mr. Frowny :)

Nathan, just before I beat him - he was in shock! :)

Saturday afternoon Nathan and I took Noah to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. He loved it! He ran from game to game and rode everything three or four times. We took turns eating and chasing him. Nathan and I love Chuck E. Cheese pizza, so we had to have some while we were there. We love that place. We even used to go before Noah was born by ourselves to play games and eat. We played a few games also. Noah ended up with 250 tickets and got a slinky and a ring.

Setting the new high score on the basketball game, like always :)

Someone looks happy about their new slinky!

We left there and went to Goody's Frozen Yogurt. I had heard alot about it so we thought we would give it a try. I love the idea of the place, but the yogurt was nothing special. I can totally see where a kid would go crazy in there because of all the choices and crazy topping options. I can see me taking Noah back when he is old enough to appreciate it. We listened to another Arkansas Razorback victory on the way home on the radio.

Noah got to eat out of both of our ice creams, he was in heaven!

He has started doing this now, he grits his teeth and makes to fists and squeezes
them so hard he shakes - he cracks me  up!

It was a sad day and a happy day - life coming full circle in the same day like that can amaze me. We said goodbye to an amazing woman and saw her for the last time and saw our son see things for the very first time and have a great day.

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