Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eliza Nell's Surprise!

That afternoon we went to the office where I work to reveal Eliza Nell's birthday present to her. She got a mini horse! We are keeping him at the office because it has such a good open space. Mom gave her some horse gifts as clues, but I think she was still clueless. She was then blindfolded and carried out for the reveal. She was so cute - she turned to mom and buried her face when she saw the horse. Every one was looking at her, so she got embarrassed. The horses name is Elliot and everyone loved him! The kids rode and played with him for awhile and then he got tired so we all went in for cupcakes and let Elliot rest. Noah chased after the horse, but wasn't so sure about it when it was his turn. He was cranky and so was Elliot so we will have to try again later.

Meet Elliot the mini horse - yes, he is a male, but when your owner is a 5 year old girl, you wear some pink!

Eliza Nell opening presents - she has no idea there is a horse outside!

Grandma carrying blindfolded Liza outside.

Noah liked running around better than the horse!

Eliza was SO excited!

All the family watching the kids ride the horse.

Eliza wanted to hug Noah, but he didn't have time for that - he needed to run!

Noah thought he wanted on the horse...

He thought wrong!

The beautiful Eliza and her horse cake!

Eliza Nell, like all the grandkids, are very blessed!


  1. That's awesome!! What a fantastic bday present!! Perhaps Noah will get a horsey for his big 2.0? ;)

  2. HA! She offered to get him one for Christmas and I declined - too much responsibility for me! Besides, we will just ride Eliza's whenever we want :)