Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Noah's 1st time to the "Beach"

Finally the weather has been cooling off enough for us to be outside without it being too hot to even move! Even the low 90's feel good now after having those dry heat days of 110+! Nathan worked half of Labor Day so Noah and I spent the morning catching up with the Kardashians. Nathan got home when Noah woke up from his nap and I wanted to take Noah somewhere to play outside. Nathan suggested Piney Bay - it was perfect! They have the "beach" and water and swings! So, after I packed our stuff - we were off!

Half way there I realized I forgot my camera - I was literally sick! As you can tell, I love taking pictures, especially of Noah's firsts. I had my phone so I took some on there. I was digging in our beach bag and found a water camera in the bottom of it. I have no idea what is on it or when we bought it, but it still had 12 pictures available on it! YAY! It took some getting used to - I had to look through a lens instead of looking at the screen on the back, but it worked. I took the camera to Wal-Mart to develop the pictures doing in the hour lab. Apparently, the hour lab no longer exists for film cameras! You have to send them off and it takes 5 days to get them back! 5 days! That is like an eternity when you are used to instantly being able to see them! It turned out to be 8 days - ridiculous! So, that is why I am just now posting this - I had to wait to get my pictures back.

Noah loved to run (stumble) on the sand and chase his football while Daddy tried to even out his farmer's tan. We took him to swing for a little bit. He LOVES to swing! Then we changed him to take a little dip in the water! He would just run right out there in the water and splash it around! He is fearless (or clueless, but fearless sounds better).

When it was time to go, we saw a park ranger by our car. He kept talking to people and pointing at our car, like he was looking for who it belonged to. It was then we realized that we didn't pay the $1 swimming fee. We were not really going to swim, and didn't see the sign about it until after we were already at the swim area. We walked up to turn ourselves in - ha! He said as long as it was just Noah swimming not to worry about it - thank goodness. I am not sure what kind of ticket that is, but I didn't want to find out. So, just so everyone knows, Piney Bay is serious about that $1 swimming fee - pay up! :)

I am hoping to be able to take Noah back out there a few times before it really turns off cold. He loves to run and play outside. It was a good labor free Labor day!

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